Tuesday, July 2, 2013

week 38 | Hello there family!

Hola Familia!!

I am still here in Nogales! YAY. Elder G and I are staying here for another 6 weeks. I am so glad.

What an awesome time it is to be a missionary!!!!! Holy moly. The broadcast on Sunday was so awesome. I was so overcome with the spirit. The Lord is truly hastening his work all over the world. There is no more exciting time to serve as a missionary for the Lord's true church. I am glad you guys got to catch some of the conference. I highly recommend finishing it. It is awesome.

As for what I think about some of the new changes. I think it is awesome. It is going to add an entire new dimension into the work of the Lord. It is going to be a HUGE tool for us, especially here in the United States. It will bring some interesting new challenges as well. It sounds like we will possibly be getting Ipads, which would be awesome. No more paper area books YAY! It all will get phased in over time. President Killpack said that our mission is very prepared for the changes so we should be getting them sooner rather than later. I am way excited.

It sounds like you all are doing great. I love to hear about what you are doing even if it is normal :)

I know how it feels like for you mom. I feel the same way at times. Sometimes I can't believe it has been so long since I have seen you guys. It has been so fast, weeks are flying by for me here. I miss you all. I think about you each of you every day. I talk about you all the time too. Ask any of my companions and they would all tell you that I am always talking about you guys. I love you all so much.\

As for the work here this week. It has been another interesting week. All of the weeks are starting to blend in my head. I have learned a TON this week about patience. I have felt the spirit teaching me over and over again the last couple days about patience. Many times we want to see the fruits of our labors right away. Sometimes it feels like we do all that we can over and over again and nothing happens. The spirit has come in and taught me alot recently about the 'big picture' of missionary work. No effort is ever wasted or unnoticed. I have felt the prompting over and over that I need to just 'be patient'. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that has the ability to teach us perfectly if we are willing to let it in.

R, our investigator is continuing to do better and better. We see him almost every day. We have had some amazing lessons with him this week. We have been going through all of the commandments and continuing to focus on the restoration and how we gain a testimony of it. He is so open to the spirit and to the truths of the gospel. It is awesome. We have become his best friends. He calls us his brothers. I love it. He faces many challenges as well. Sometimes I am amazed that the Lord trusts us to help people with their very complicated struggles in life. The Holy Ghost always helps us with what to say.

Another cool experience this week was with O. He is impossible to find sometimes, but when we do we always have amazing experiences. We taught him a really quick lesson on the Book of Mormon. As we were reading from Moroni 10;3-5 he felt the spirit so strong. We literally watched someone gain their testimony right in front of our eyes. There is no cooler thing to see in the whole world.

All of the missionaries of the branch and ward here put on a fireside this week called The Gospel Blesses Families. It was a great success. None of our investigators came, BUT some of the members brought their friends who we are going to start teaching this week. 

There are many other people we are working with. This week we are going to go through and find who is REALLY committed to progressing as investigators. That is sometimes a problem here, and sometimes it is hard to let people go. That is something I am bad at haha. I just feel bad!!!! But anyway, we are really going to focus on that this week. 

Nogales is SOO ready to baptize this transfer. I can feel it. I love this work. 

Thank you for your support and words of wisdom. I love you guys so much. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Did you guys get my package I sent you?! I hope it didn't get lost in the mail.

Our mission has taken upon itself a new catchphrase that I really like. It applies to all of us. It goes: "Win the Day, then Win the Week" Truly each day I do my best to win the day. To do all that I can to bring souls closer to Christ. There is no better work.

I love you all 

Elder Hughes

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