Tuesday, June 18, 2013

week 37 | Happy Late Father's Day!

Gooooooooooooood Morning Familia!!!

It is so good to hear from you guys. It is my favorite part of P day by far. I love you guys!!! It sounds like you had a fun week at girls camp!! I loved the pictures haha. So funny. I love it. It sounds like you guys are settling in to Summer! I'm sure that you guys are excited to enjoy some summer relaxation! I like hearing that everything is normal. After this last April I like when there isn't any big news. Happy Father's day Dad!!!!! I thought of you lots yesterday! Did you get my package and letter? 

It has been an interesting week here in Nogales. It was one of those weeks that was just TOUGH. Nothing seemed to be working out for us. Sometimes that is the way it goes. The interesting thing about it is that these types of weeks are where we tend to learn the most. I have seen that for myself. I have learned alot this week about how the Lord leads and guides this work and the things I need to do to be a better missionary.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we had the worst luck haha. Almost every single lesson we planned and set up cancelled. It was crazy. On wednesday night we ended up finding 2 new investigators! It was great. Sometimes I think the Lord tests us to see if we will make it through the whole day, and then he leads us where we need to go. 

The work moves forward here in Nogales. We have been racking our brains trying to figure out how to help some of our investigators progress. I have come to know so much more about how conversion works and our part in that process as missionaries. 

We taught our investigator H this week. He is trying to overcome alot of problems in his life. It is amazing to me to see how the spirit helps people open up and see what God wants for them.

I went on exchanges this week in South Nogales with Elder H and Elder M. They are both awesome, and we had a great day. I love being able to go on exchanges as a DL and help others with their challenges in their own area. We had an interesting experience with one of their investigators who is this intense 96 year old lady that speaks insanely fast spanish. She was awesome haha. She is probably the most energetic and vibrant 96 yr old I will ever meet again.

We are still working with R every day. He is slowly starting to make some really good progress. The spirit always comes in and helps us know exactly what to say. It is amazing to watch. With R like with no other person we get a front row seat to watching the spirit work on someone. It is like no other experience I have ever seen. We are hoping to continue the progress with him.

We also taught a guy named E this week. It was one of the most powerful first lessons I have ever had. The spirit was so strong. We helped him move this week as well. The bummer is that he is moving to some other missionaries area :( SO we are going to have a pass of lesson and pass him off to them. I am so excited about him.

On Sunday we took I to stake conference. It was awesome. He loved it. He got to meet President Killpack and the member of the 70 Elder Snow as well. It was great. I love I so much. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be baptized. The spirit was so strong at stake conference. It was great. He told us that some of the things that were said were direct answers to his prayers. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. It blows me away sometimes how the spirit works. He is going to a business trip for the next week and a half.... which is lame, but we are so excited about his future. We are going to have to re set his baptismal date. I love teaching him.

This week I have learned alot. I have learned so much about where I need to step up as a missionary. I love this gospel. I love the Book of Mormon. I have been reading it alot his week. I LOVE THAT BOOK. I read it every day and I feel the spirit every time. What a blessing it is to have it in our lives. We must read it. It gives light and direction to all aspects of our lives.

I am excited for this coming week. All of the missionaries have planned a special fireside and dinner on Friday that we are really excited about. I am excited about the future here. I am so grateful for every day the Lord gives me to serve him in his work. This is the last week of the transfer!! It's crazy how fast it went. I highly doubt that I will be transferred, but I have been surprised before. We find out on Sunday. I want to stay here in Nogales. My work here is not done!!!! I love this place. OH by the way you guys should go watch the worldwide missionary broadcast on this coming Sunday. It is gonna be huge. This is the greatest work in the world, and we are ALL a part of it.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for your love and support. I think of you often.


Elder Hughes

Sunday, June 16, 2013

week 36 | Happy Summah Time

Hey Family!!!

Happy Monday again. What awesome news from the homefront. Jordan and Scottie: same mission same day!!!! HOW AWESOME. Holy cow, that is crazy. The Lord puts us right where we need to be. Give them both a big hi five for me and tell them I am SO pumped for them.

Yay for school being out. That is really exciting! As you and Dad always told me when you get older and are in the real world it doesn't have the same significance haha. As a missionary it is all the same to me! 

If it makes you feel any better it is quite toasty here in Nogales as well. I have finally now started to get accustomed to sweating my brains out in church clothes. To me it is just normal now.

You are going to girls camp this week!!! Have FUN! I know that it will mean alot to the girls to have you there. I think that you are pretty awesome so.... they are pretty lucky to have you as their leader. One cool way I have seen how to make those experiences awesome is to go in prayerfully looking for the reason why the Lord has us serving specific people. I know there are no coincidences in life and especially not in the church. You are going to girls camp to strengthen someone that needs you. I have had to apply the same principles here :)

I like normal as well. Although as a missionary nothing is ever normal. 

We had a really good week. Finally we are starting to see our investigators start to progress. It sometimes feels like a never ending battle, but the Lord is blessing us. We had alot of meetings this week in Tucson. We had a trainer meeting and a district leader meeting as well. Both were awesome. I learned a TON. Especially at the DL meeting. President and Sister Killpack taught us, and it was so great. It was great to really learn by the spirit how I need to step up as a missionary and be the leader that the Lord needs. Sis Killpack taught and amazing training on rising to our full potential. Sometimes we are all satisfied with something that isn't our best. The Lord has so much more in store for us than we ever thought possible. I have seen that. He shapes us in ways that we never would have imagined. It is quite a process. I was uplifted and inspired alot through the words of many others this week.

As for the work. We are still working alot with I. We had another astounding lesson with him this week. He is reading a chapter of the BOM and the bible every night. He also discovered the epicness of the church's videos and general authorities. Could it get any better than that? We had a powerful lesson with him this week on the plan of salvation. He literally teaches us more than we teach him. The Lord has prepared him so much. I literally get giddy like a little kid when we go to teach him. He was on vacation again this weekend so he didn't make it to church.... BUT we are going to make that happen this week. We have stake conference this weekend and a member of the 70 is coming, so it should be awesome. We are still planning on his baptism on the 29th.

R, we also have taught alot this week. He is the biggest puzzle of an investigator that I have ever had. We have really amazing moments where the spirit guides us alot, and then there are moments when he gets defensive and everything falls apart. The miracle is that the spirit always comes in and saves the day. Words really do come into our mouths. I have never experienced that more with someone than with him.

We are teaching a bunch of people in one family. We have kind of found them all seperately but they are all in the same family. C, her son O, and her two brothers O and E. They are all really cool. E came to church on Sunday (thank goodness) and we taught him there. He has just recovered from a really bad drug addiction, and has started a whole new life. Little does he know it is going to get even better with the gospel. I love how the gospel has the power to do that. It literally takes us and changes us in ways that we never could have imagined. We feel joy that cannot be described. I sometimes wish I could just GET that feeling into people, but the Lord doesn't work that way. He waits for us to open up. We are really pumped to keep teaching all of them. E is hilarious and he loved church so much that he said that he is going to force all of his family to come to next week. We like the sound of that haha.

There are many other people we are continuing to work on. Yes we are staying super busy. Just the way I like it.

I went on splits with the ZL's here in Nogales this week. It was great. I learn so much from the missionaries around me. We all have something to learn from everyone. I went with Elder W. He is an awesome guy, we have become good friends here as well.

You are exactly right on feeling the spirit. We have to take a step back and find a quiet place to listen. I have seen that more than ever here.

I have been reflecting alot this week about submitting our will to the Lord. That is what life is all about. That is when we receive power. When we look outward to others and think less about ourselves the Lord comes in and blesses us. He gives us power to help others that we never thought possible. I have realized that more than every. The last week or two I have tried to step up my game as a missionary. It is easy to flatten out and get caught up in all the things that are going on. The Lord has blessed us so much here. 

Dad I want to say an early Happy Father's day. You are the best dad in the world. I am the man I am today because of your example of true fatherhood. I cannot express how grateful I am for you.

The work goes on. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than this. I fall short all the time, but I am grateful that the Lord can use me even if I am weak. The same principle applies to all of us. I love you all. I miss you and think about you often. I love this work, and I love you. I feel like the writers of the Book of Mormon who said that they could only write a hundredth part of what happened and what they felt and witnessed. That is how these emails are. Only about a thousandth part of what I have learned can be expressed here. Read 3 nephi this week. I am loving reading it right now.

I love you all so much.

Elder Hughes

It looks like they are having a great time!

week 35 | 8 months down!

Hola Family!!

It sounds like all is well in good old Rocklin!!! Everything sounds about normal :) I think about you all often as well. There is so much that reminds me of all of you. Mom, I am jealous about you going to see Les Mis again :) I LOVE that play. It not only is awesome but it teaches us so much. It teaches us so much about redemption and change. That is really what life is all about. I have seen it in my own life and in the life of those that I have taught here. Good old Sunsplash! That will be a fun summer job for you Rilo, enjoy it!! Z man is finishing up 7th grade. How exciting. I remember those days like they were yesterday :) That's awesome about Nathan's mission call!!!! I truly know that the Lord sends us exactly where we need to go. Similarly, I have had some people express to me that it must be lame to serve in such a normal place like Arizona. I truly have never seen it that way. The work of the Lord is really the same in all parts of the world. The joy and struggles of missionary work are present in all parts of the world. The Lord needs his servants in all places, and an apostle of the Lord has a revelatory experience when assigning each call, that knowledge is so important.

I miss your BBQ Ribs dad :( 

I hit my 8 MONTH MARK TODAY!!!! That is 1/3 of my mission. It is insane to think about. It has flown by. I literally cannot believe it.

Summer has finally settled in here in the desert. It is HOT. Thankfully Nogales is cooler than Tucson :)

I ran into my first group of illegals this week haha. We ride our bikes through a tunnel (under an overpass) to get to church. I always wondered when I would see some people in there. This week we did. They got really scared of us for a second. They thought we were the Border Patrol. It was kind of funny, we talked to them for a min, and gave them our water bottles. It is a very interesting social dynamic here.

As for the work here in Nogales, I feel like a broken record haha. The work has been busy and full of little miracles as always. We are doing everything we can to help these people progress. Sometimes it feels like an impossible task, there are setbacks and frustrations every week, BUT over and over again I have seen how the Lord is with us and helps us. This is HIS work. It is not ours.

I have grown to love the people we are teaching so much. It kills me sometimes when they have a hard time seeing and feeling how the Lord wants to help them. 

R, one of our investigators is still doing ok. We met with him almost every day this week. He loves Elder G and I and we have been able to teach him alot. He understands so much and he has alot of faith. The big puzzle is trying to help him to use his faith to find his own answer. He is facing lots of crazy things in life, and I think that he is afraid that God will give him an answer that he doesn't want. We are going to keep pressing forward with helping him. We are going to switch things up this week and try some different approaches. 

I taught District meeting this week on following the promptings of the Spirit. This is SO important. There is always ways we can improve in this area as missionaries. I have come to learn how it truly is a still small voice. The slightest distractions can stray us from his voice. Many times he leads us without us even knowing.

I went on an exchange this week with the other Elders in my district. Elder S came to our area. Elder S is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. We had an awesome exchange. He is an amazing teacher and is great at spanish. We had some really cool experiences on Thur. We picked a street to tract, and it turned out to be exactly the place we needed to go. It amazes me every day how the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time. About 5 doors in we met this woman who eventually told us that she was baptized into our church a LONG time ago, but that she had strayed far away. She truly was a lost sheep. She happened to be at her elderly father's house helping him out that day. It was one of the most emotional doorstep lessons I have ever had. She opened up about all the things that she was facing in life. I could see in her, that she was lost in this world. It is amazing to me how we can love someone that we don't know so fast. Elder S asked her what she remembered about how she felt at her baptism. All she said was on word: Hope. How true that is. We testified and taught her about how that hope can be reclaimed. That is the miracle about the gospel. We can return to the hope we have lost. She lives in Tucson, and so we set her up with the right information of how to get back involved in the church there. What a miracle! We were able to tell her as we left that we truly know that we were meant to talk to her that day. She said that she needed us at this time. The Lord truly guides our steps, we have to be willing and worthy to be his instrument.

Elder S and I also taught I again this week. It was quite an experience teaching him. I have NEVER met someone who is more prepared to receive this gospel than him. Everything that came out of his mouth was straight our of Preach my Gospel. I think my jaw hit the floor. We set up a plan with him about how he is going to find an answer, HIS answer about this church. We set a baptismal date with him for the 29th of June. One story that he told us was that 2 weeks before he met his friend S at a work conference (who told him all about the church) he felt lost in this world. He didn't know where to go. He told us that when Christ came to the earth, he truly revolutionized and changed the world. He prayed that day that Christ would come into his life and change his life. Not a coincidence that 2 weeks later he met S. We invited him to church and thought for sure that he would come. On Sun. he unfortunately didn't. Then we got a text from S who said he is really struggling. Those are the worst texts in the world to get. We are going to go over tonight and check on him. I still know that he will be baptized. I can feel it. We will find out more tonight.

The rest of the work is going well. We are teaching lots which is wonderful. C was sick this week, but we have alot of things set up for her this week as well. The work rolls on! We have lots of meetings in Tucson this coming week, so we have to plan really well with the time we do have. I have a trainer meeting on tue and a district leader meeting on fri.

In church this week, I smiled alot. This gospel is such a joyful message. Even if our investigators don't come to church, or life is tough, or things don't go exactly how we planned, we have so much to be joyful about!! We should be the happiest people in the world.

I have been reflecting alot in this last week about how much I have learned. I cannot express in words how much the Lord has taught me here in just the last month. I have been stretched and pushed past as a follower of Christ past things that I never could have imagined. Life has a way of doing that. That is why we are here. There is so much about missionary work that is not sure, but I have come to see that as long as the Lord is leading us, the right things will happen. I have not had as much success so far as I would like to see, but I have always felt like I have given it my all. I have received confirmation over and over again that the Lord is pleased when we just do our best, and keep trying. I know that is the same for all of us. I love you all so much. The way that I have made it here is because of each of you that are reading this. I cannot express how grateful I am for you. I am doing well. I never want to get transferred from here :) The work is so good here. I love you all so much. Until next Monday!


your son, brother, friend.

Elder Hughes

I need to give a shout out to Lia Savage. My most faithful letter writer on my mission so far. Give her tons of hi fives for me.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

week 34 | Happy Late Memorial day from Nogales!!!!!

Hola Familia!!!!

I am coming to ya a day late. No libraries were open yesterday so we couldn't email.

First of all you guys all look great. I loved all the pictures. I love our last minute Hughes family adventure vacations. It cracks me up that seriously all of our favorite vacations are the ones we plan the day before we go haha. It looks like a blast. I can't wait to go when we all get back! Congrats Grandpa Val! At least if you had to mess up your shoulder you did it WINNING a tournament. How epic. 

I love you guys. There is nothing that defines our family more than Giants games and the Cali coast. 

The work is moving forward here in Nogales. We have been crazy busy here. Everyday we have about 10 hours more of things we need to do than the actual time that we have. I have learned alot of things about prioritizing here on my mission. 

I want to say one thing that my basketball skills have improved a ton. We play all the time on P day and I actually feel like a contributing member of a team now. :)

On tue. we had a cool experience. An inactive family in the branch here signed up to feed the missionaries, so the 5 Nogales Elders went over and tue and we had an awesome meal. The Lord truly prompted them to sign up to feed us this week. Of that I am sure. They were baptized a couple of years ago and have since fallen away from the church. They are truly struggling. They are facing many hard things and they had some very tough questions for us. I am so grateful for the spirit that helps us to always know what to say. Elder S and I taught the dinner message and it quickly turned very intense. This family wanted answers. We were able to direct them to the source of all answers our Savior. He has the power to bind up every broken heart. I love serving Inactive families. Many times they need to be rescued just as much as some of our investigators. 

I ran for Heidi this week. I thought of her alot. I am REALLY out of shape. She would probably be laughing at me haha. I felt her with me and I am grateful for a way to remember her. I love this tradition.

I ate some amazing carne asada this week. I love the food here.

We had zone conference on thur this week. I love the chance to go and get spiritually recharged. President Killpack's final training to us was very powerful. I am so grateful for the spirit that can come in and truly teach us of the things that we need to know and feel. I felt that on Thursday. This gospel is a 'you can do this' gospel. It is full of hope. I love that about this restored church. Sometimes things are hard here, mostly because we want to help people progress and do all we can, and it feels like we hit dead ends. I am so grateful for the promptings of the spirit that tell me I CAN do this. 

Later on Thur we helped a couple families move. It was one of those nights where we were all really tired (because we had to get up super early in the morning to go to zone conference) so naturally everything was also hilarius. The 5 of us Nogales Elders were crying we were all laughing so hard. I have no idea why. Missionary work is a blast.

2 Investigators I want to talk about this week. 

One is C. She and her son we had an amazing lesson with. We were able to teach them clearly and the spirit was strong. C started saying 'I have never felt this way before' and 'this makes me want to act.' This was music to our ears. I have truly seen over and over again how the spirit is the true teacher. We are just the messengers of that spirit. We are excited for C. 

R is another investigator that we have that we have had amazing experiences with this week. He is a true seeker of truth. He really want to know of the truth. Last night we had one of the most direct and powerful lessons that I have had as a missionary. He brought forward a bunch of beliefs that are different from our doctrines. Using the scriptures and thanks to the spirit after only 20 minutes and 10 scriptures he truly understood and agreed with all that we taught. He prayed to know last night to truly know if these things are true. We are going back today to follow up on his prayer. It is like Christmas morning for us to go back today. I prayed so hard for him last night.

The rest of this week we have continued to work with many people. We have faced many obstacles and we have had to push through many frustrations. I know that the Lord has blessed us. Many of the people we are teaching are SO close to progressing!! With faith we can do it.

I sang in church this week on Sunday! It went well. I sang my favorite 'I know that my redeemer lives' :) Once in english and another time in Spanish.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for your emails and love. You are all such wonderful examples to me. 


Elder Hughes

PS I can totally see you guys (mom and dad) serving as office missionaries for a mission one day. (just sayin)

week 33 | Miracles are happening

Hola Familia!!!!

Happy Monday to you all. I love starting a new week sometimes. It always brings new possibilities and new opportunities for us all. It sounds like all is well on the homefront. That is what I like to hear as well. It sure beats all the craziness that this spring turned out to be for you all. Your work looks amazing mom. It all is so good. I have such an amazing mom. Rilo, it looks like you are having lots of fun. Baseball is awesome. We played softball with the branch here a couple times and I actually played really well!!! (I know it's hard to imagine). I love you guys and think of each of you often. 

There have been many amazing experiences to share this week. The Lord is truly truly blessing us so much here. I sometimes stand all amazed at how the Lord uses us to accomplish this great work.

Our mission had a finding day on Wed. where we focused on finding. Elder G and I decided to contact former investigators. No joke the first 4 places we went to people were home and we began teaching them again. In the afternoon that never happens. We were blown away. There are many people that have investigated the church before, but it wasn't the right timing for them. So when we go back many times it is a really good thing. Many times they look at this gospel differently than when they first investigated.

On Thur. the by far highlight of the day was teaching this guy named I. I told you guys about him on skype about how his friend referred him through mormon.org and he had a dream about coming to the church and all these other amazing miracles. Well we finally had a lesson with him on Thur. It was amazing. I cannot even describe it. He is truly the elect of God. I have never in my life met someone who has more desires to know the truth. It was almost straight out of a movie. He basically told us that he has been searching his whole life for the truth. He has investigated many different churches, but he is never satisfied. He said that there is an undeniable urge to continue on in his search. The spirit was so powerful there as we taught him. He has true faith and desires. I am so grateful for testimonies. Our testimonies are literally everything we rely on in the mission field. It is impossible to serve the Lord the way we can without a testimony. We bore our testimonies to him, and taught alot about how it is through the Book of Mormon that we can know if all of these things are true. It was awesome. We have been in touch alot with his friend who told us that he has been texting her scriptures from the book of mormon that he likes as he is reading. Elder G and I have been astonished by the miracle that Ivan is. I wish you guys could meet him. I talked to him about your conversion Dad. It had a big effect on him. His friend in florida texted us and told us that he loved hearing about that, and that he felt the spirit when I shared it. You are out here on a mission as well. There is no way that I would be here if you had never followed the promptings of the spirit in your life. I love you Dad,  I am so grateful for you.

There was a big funeral here that I told you about last week. We have been really busy this week helping the Branch with that. Because there are 9 missionaries here (a small army) we get called upon to help alot. It was a very very sad funeral. Unfortunately there was alcohol involved in the accident, and so it was a very emotional and very dramatic funeral. It made me reflect alot about how our choices really do matter. They have eternal effects on us and on others. The missionaries sang a song during the funeral as well.

We also had some amazing lessons with our investigator R this week. He has had some really tough concerns. I am so grateful for the spirit that guides us to really know what to say, and puts words in our mouth. I used to not see the fruits of that promise, sometimes I would doubt. Usually it is afterward as I look back that I see the guidance and support of the Holy Ghost. I really needed it with R this week. He had some really hard concerns about his own Baptism and our doctrine of being baptized by the proper authority. We had an amazing lesson with him on Sat. We taught about the gift of the Holy Ghost. That was the key. His eyes lit up and he said that he would do anything to recieve that gift. Well those are pretty much the best words in the world for us to hear. The spirit was strong then as well. We gave him a blessing as well that day, and then quickly left. That is one secret about missionary work. You can't stay too long. We have to leave people with the spirit and with alot to think about :)

The last amazing teaching experience we had this week was yesterday. There could not have been a better end to the week. There is this guy named J who plays basketball with us every thur. He has played basketball with the missionaries for years, and no one has ever invited him to take the lessons. On Sunday we went over to his house and taught him the whole first lesson. The spirit was amazing. Elder G stopped us toward the end and asked J how he was feeeling. J then described the spirit perfectly. Let me tell you that there is almost no other experience as amazing as that. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted a date for the 15 of June. It was awesome. I could tell that his mom was listening in from the other part of the house as well. Then as we went to leave we talked to his mom on the porch. She thanked us for coming and for teaching her son. She said that she wants him to have the same blessings that we have. I was amazed. The Lord is truly preparing people for us to lead to him. We are hopefully going to teach his mom as well when we go back.

There are many many many other amazing things happening here. We are very busy teaching lots. I love this work. There is literally no other place in the whole world that I would rather be than right here in Nogales doing what we get to do every day.

Elder G is doing great. I forget that he is a greenie all the time because he teaches me way more than I can teach him. I am so excited for what the future has in store for us here. The Lord just asks us to keep pressing on. We have zone conference this week as well, which I am excited about.

If you want a spiritual explosion of awesome. Go look up "Missionary work and the Atonement" 

I love you guys so much. I miss you and love you all. Remember to always have eyes and hearts open to helping those around us. That is when we see miracles.

Until next monday


Elder Hughes

week 32 | hello fam

Hey Family!

I am coming to ya a bit late this week. The last two days have been some of the busiest of my life so we didn't have any time to email at all. So you are getting an email today ;)

You have no idea how wonderful it was to talk to you and see you on Sunday. I couldn't stop smiling for about 4 hours afterward. I love you guys so much. I am SOOOOO glad that I got to talk to Tanner too and that we got to have family prayer all together. The spirit touched me. I described to my companion how talking to my family makes me feel. Some missionaries get really trunky when they talk to their families. Not for me, it really helps me. I said that "When you go a long time without talking to them, it is like getting progressively more thirsty. Almost all the time you forget about it because you are working so hard, but you get progressively more thirsty. Then when I get to talk to you all it is like drinking 4 gallons of water at once. I am not thirsty anymore. Then by next Christmas I will be really thirsty again."

ANYWAY. It was awesome. I love you guys so much. 

I got pulled over for the second time in my life yesterday haha. Thank goodness the cop was feeling merciful that day. :)

As for things that have happened here since then. I got called as District leader on Sunday night. I gave my first training today, which I was really nervous about, but it went pretty well... I think haha. We got transfer calls, Elder W headed out to The Gila Valley and Elder G and I are staying here. We spent alot of Monday getting Elder W ready to go, but we also had some amazing teaching experiences. We are teaching this guy named R. He is awesome. We had some lessons with him and we talked alot about the Book of Mormon. Then on Monday we went back and taught him again. He had read from the beggining of the Book of Mormon to Omni in 3 days!!!! I was blown away. I have never had an investigator read that much of the Book of Mormon. He told us that the reason that he wanted to read it was because he felt something powerful when we each bore our testimonies of it. It was AWESOME. That is why we always bear our testimonies.

Some sad news. Our ward mission leader's son died in a car accident this week. It was horrible. We love our ward mission leader here so much. We are trying to do all we can to help their family.

I am doing great here in Nogales. I love our district and I am SO pumped for what this next transfer has in store for us. Elder George is a pre-trained greenie, he is great. We are preparing to explode the work here in Nogales. I am so excited. I hope that you are all doing great. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

I love you all!

Elder Hughes