Tuesday, July 2, 2013

week 39 | Happy Early Fourth of July

It sounds like you guys are in the midst of the usual Hughes summer adventures. It has been hot here in Arizona as well if that make you feel any better! How crazy Sarina got married this week. That is so exciting. We are now entering the wedding phase of life where that all begins haha. I wish that I could have been there to celebrate and to go to the sealing. I am glad that it all went great. Sounds like the normal summer life. Good times sitting on the lazy river in the insane heat haha. Now try it in church clothes and you have missionary work :) Z man of course is living it up. He sure knows how to do that. That is awesome that they are going to Wente! I love that place. Good memories there. Are you going with them to scout camp dad? 
I love hearing about all of the continued Hughes family adventures. You all sound like you are doing great!
Well it has been a rollercoaster of emotions this week in Nogales. As I was reflecting back on the week I marveled at the highs and the lows that we faced, but things are moving forward.
To start off on P day this last week 6 of us Elders walked around Nogales for the day. We were in McDonalds which has a really good view of the border. It is really close. We were all just eating and talking and we looked out the window and saw people climbing over the giant iron fence haha. It was crazy. I know people do that all the time here, but it was crazy because we were just watching it all happen right in front of us haha. There are definitely some really interesting social/political things here in Nogales haha. It has given me alot of perspective on alot of those issues that our nation faces.
ANYWAY, as for the work it was a week of miracles and of trials as well. One of our miracles this week was we found this girl named M. Our appt dropped so we started contacting all of the neighbors of one of our investigators. M came out and talked to us. She is 17 and already has 2 kids and is desperately searching for peace in her life. That is what is so awesome about this restored gospel is that we find TRUE peace when we use it, and when we draw nearer to the savior. I have felt that peace over and over again. So we are going to continue working with her. She has a baptismal date for the 27 of July. That is kind of the test of how we weed out who is truly interested. Baptismal dates do that for us.
R was also the miracle this week. He has finally caught fire and truly started to make real progress. We had some amazing lessons with him this week. We had one lesson with a member here Sis. Martin. She has taught seminary for 28 years. So lets just say she really knows what she is talking about haha. It was an amazing lesson. Through the spirit we have been able to resolve many of his concerns. I had a really interesting experience with following the spirit when we were teaching him. That little voice in my head told me to pick up a book about Joseph Smith that Sis. Martin had on the table next to the couch. I did and flipped through it and put it back down. Then the process happened again. I felt like I needed to pick it up again. Then I landed on a specific story about Joseph Smith, but I didn't feel like I should share it yet. That book sat on my lap for the whole lesson and I didn't even know why I needed to have it. Then at the end, there was a really good opportunity to share this story. It ended up being exactly what he needed. He was really affected by it. It never ceases to amaze me that if we listen the Holy Ghost will give us exactly what we need to say and do.
O is doing great. The problem is that we can never find him at home. We go to his house every day and it never seemed to work out. He is so prepared and so ready. He is so open to the feelings of the spirit and to truth. His mom C is really struggling. We were able to talk to here a couple times this week. She is having some big depression problems and it is leading her to some really bad paths. I really know that we were put in their path for a reason. We aren't going to stop trying. With some people we would move on, but not with them. We are praying that this week we will be able to have alot more contact with them.
One of the biggest trials this week was that Iv dropped us. We are really confused and don't really know why. He was so prepared, so open, reading the Book of Mormon a ton. All of the lessons we had with him were awesome. It was kind of a hard one for us to take. It reminded me of the M's when we lost them. When I love these people so much and I know what they are missing out on, it is hard to see that happen. BUT the work goes on. We hope we were able to plant some seeds.
The Monsoon season started lat night!!! FINALLY!!! It basically means there are amazing thunderstorms every afternoon and night. It is awesome. It is so nice to see some rain. I don't think I had seen rain since January haha.
It was Elder G's 20 birthday this week (yes he is older than me haha) and we celebrated at some members houses which was fun.
I have learned so much this week. I don't have nearly enough time to express it all. I have had moments this week where I have felt like Alma in Ammonihaha (Alma ch 8) where the people just don't listen, and we feel sorrow as missionaries to feel that. Never before have I been able to relate to that story like I can now. I have truly felt a glimpse of what that feels like. The awesome thing is that an angel appears to him and tells him to go back and try again!!! That he has so much to rejoice about because he is doing all that the Lord has asked of him.
I love this work even when it is hard, and I am so excited for what this next week holds. I have learned alot about how sometimes we have to try things a little different and change ourselves if we want our outcomes to change. I love you guys so much. I love our family and the strength that we have there. I have witnessed some not so strong families here. I have seen some torn apart families. I know that the gospel truly blesses families. I thank Heavenly Father every day that he sent me to yours. Happy Fourth of July!!!! I love you all
Elder Hughes

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