Tuesday, June 18, 2013

week 37 | Happy Late Father's Day!

Gooooooooooooood Morning Familia!!!

It is so good to hear from you guys. It is my favorite part of P day by far. I love you guys!!! It sounds like you had a fun week at girls camp!! I loved the pictures haha. So funny. I love it. It sounds like you guys are settling in to Summer! I'm sure that you guys are excited to enjoy some summer relaxation! I like hearing that everything is normal. After this last April I like when there isn't any big news. Happy Father's day Dad!!!!! I thought of you lots yesterday! Did you get my package and letter? 

It has been an interesting week here in Nogales. It was one of those weeks that was just TOUGH. Nothing seemed to be working out for us. Sometimes that is the way it goes. The interesting thing about it is that these types of weeks are where we tend to learn the most. I have seen that for myself. I have learned alot this week about how the Lord leads and guides this work and the things I need to do to be a better missionary.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we had the worst luck haha. Almost every single lesson we planned and set up cancelled. It was crazy. On wednesday night we ended up finding 2 new investigators! It was great. Sometimes I think the Lord tests us to see if we will make it through the whole day, and then he leads us where we need to go. 

The work moves forward here in Nogales. We have been racking our brains trying to figure out how to help some of our investigators progress. I have come to know so much more about how conversion works and our part in that process as missionaries. 

We taught our investigator H this week. He is trying to overcome alot of problems in his life. It is amazing to me to see how the spirit helps people open up and see what God wants for them.

I went on exchanges this week in South Nogales with Elder H and Elder M. They are both awesome, and we had a great day. I love being able to go on exchanges as a DL and help others with their challenges in their own area. We had an interesting experience with one of their investigators who is this intense 96 year old lady that speaks insanely fast spanish. She was awesome haha. She is probably the most energetic and vibrant 96 yr old I will ever meet again.

We are still working with R every day. He is slowly starting to make some really good progress. The spirit always comes in and helps us know exactly what to say. It is amazing to watch. With R like with no other person we get a front row seat to watching the spirit work on someone. It is like no other experience I have ever seen. We are hoping to continue the progress with him.

We also taught a guy named E this week. It was one of the most powerful first lessons I have ever had. The spirit was so strong. We helped him move this week as well. The bummer is that he is moving to some other missionaries area :( SO we are going to have a pass of lesson and pass him off to them. I am so excited about him.

On Sunday we took I to stake conference. It was awesome. He loved it. He got to meet President Killpack and the member of the 70 Elder Snow as well. It was great. I love I so much. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be baptized. The spirit was so strong at stake conference. It was great. He told us that some of the things that were said were direct answers to his prayers. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. It blows me away sometimes how the spirit works. He is going to a business trip for the next week and a half.... which is lame, but we are so excited about his future. We are going to have to re set his baptismal date. I love teaching him.

This week I have learned alot. I have learned so much about where I need to step up as a missionary. I love this gospel. I love the Book of Mormon. I have been reading it alot his week. I LOVE THAT BOOK. I read it every day and I feel the spirit every time. What a blessing it is to have it in our lives. We must read it. It gives light and direction to all aspects of our lives.

I am excited for this coming week. All of the missionaries have planned a special fireside and dinner on Friday that we are really excited about. I am excited about the future here. I am so grateful for every day the Lord gives me to serve him in his work. This is the last week of the transfer!! It's crazy how fast it went. I highly doubt that I will be transferred, but I have been surprised before. We find out on Sunday. I want to stay here in Nogales. My work here is not done!!!! I love this place. OH by the way you guys should go watch the worldwide missionary broadcast on this coming Sunday. It is gonna be huge. This is the greatest work in the world, and we are ALL a part of it.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for your love and support. I think of you often.


Elder Hughes

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