Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey Family!
Sorry about the late email again. We went to safford for P day yesterday and we didn't have any time to email. SO you get the email today! :) It sounds like a pretty big week in the Hughes family at home. Rilo is getting old.... wow it is so crazy. I feel like I was just 16 myself. It sounds like his birthday was awesome. And mom and dad I hope your anniversary was wonderful and that your trip to Carmel goes great! I know you love that place :) I understand where you are coming from mom on your reality is setting in missionary mom days. I feel it sometimes too. Not super often, but every once in a while. It usually starts when I think about how awesome our family is and how much love and happiness is in our home. I love you all so much, and believe it or not I hear your voice in my head sometimes haha. I think I will hear your voice in my head my whole life :) I miss you guys and love you too, BUT I love being a missionary and serving the Lord SO much. I am jealous of the Les Mis tickets. It's killing me a little bit inside haha. Just don't burn out on it before I get back :)
Another week down here in Duncan. Time flies when you are spreading the gospel. I cannot believe how fast time is flying on the mission. Every week I get to P day and can't believe how fast the week has passed. We had a pretty good week. We started teaching one of our investigators that we haven't taught in a long time. His name is T, he actually lives right next door to us. He is super nice and is a very interesting guy. He is a falconer and has hawks and falcons, which is pretty awesome. He is also a born again Christian, so his lessons are definitely some of the most challenging I have had haha. He is super open to what we teach. He knows his bible SUPER well so we have to do alot of preparation :) We hope we can keep teaching him, sometimes we can't figure out if he just wants to do some kind of comparitive religions study or actually investigate the gospel. That is one big challenge here. Alot of our investigators don't take it super seriously, we are trying to figure out ways to help people see that we don't want to just have nice chats about god haha. Our next lesson with T we are going to bring a member of the ward who used to be a pentecostal minister. Terry has some interesting concerns like, praying in tongues. So... we never know how to respond to that haha. SO that is why we are going to come back with some member wisdom :) We had another kind of cool breakthrough with the M's. We went by their house to talk to them for the 1st time since they dropped us, and it went about the way we thought it would. They kind of told us all of the things they had told us before. But, on Saturday they randomly called us and invited us to their daughters birthday party that night. We were very surprised, so we aren't sure what will happen in the long run, but we are hoping and praying to start teaching them again.
A is still on track to get baptized on Feb. 16 in Texas. We are still so excited. I love him and his family so much. We found out that we won't be able to go to his baptism. Since it is out of our mission boundaries by about an our. We had a funny phone call with the mission president asking him if we could go. He knew we would call haha. Apparently, even President Killpack isn't allowed to leave the mission boundaries. So that is a bit of a bummer. I REALLY wish I could go, since it is my first baptism, but we are excited nonetheless. Our lesson with A was so awesome this week. At the end he opened up alot about why he has decided to get baptized now, and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I know that the Lord led us to him. Besides that we have had a tough time tracking down alot of our other investigators. Sometimes we feel like the FBI trying to find people and set up appointments. The members her in Duncan are so awesome. We had the most wonderful dinner on Sunday. It opened up into quite a gospel discussion. I felt the spirit SO strong.
Not to much else to report. Nothing crazy exciting happens in Duncan haha. I did talk to some members the B's who used to live in Oak Harbor! Small world. They lived there in the 70's and 80's. It was kind of cool though. We get to to alot of service. We do that alot in the afternoon. Since we have a really hard time finding things to do in the afternoons. Everyone is in work and school, and we have already tracted out every house in our area. The work is moving forward and I am happy and grateful every day to be doing what I am doing. I learned such a great lesson from you mom, about how every day is a new day, with new chances, a new start, free from mistakes. I am so grateful every day to wake up and be a missionary for this church. It is truly the truth on the earth today. I know that with all of my heart.
I have learned alot about love and charity. When it all comes down to it. Every commandment, talk, lesson, ordinance, and part of this gospel comes down to love. I have learned how to love others in a way I have never felt. As a missionary there is truly a new capacity to love people that I don't even know. As representatives of Christ we get the tiniest glimpse of what that love is like. I am so grateful that His love is in our family. I love my Savior, and because of that I can love others. I have learned already that when things get tough, I can kneel down and call down the blessings of heaven. I have felt that power. I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Enjoy your trip mom and dad. You deserve it. And know that I am happy and well. The only way I could be better is if I was with all of you. I love you so much!
Elder Hughes

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