Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello from freezing cold Duncan! | Week 15

Hola Familia!!
I am staying here in Duncan for another transfer!!!! I was really glad, I didn't want to get transferred at all, so I am happy! Like you guys we are freezing our butts off, although I doubt that you guys are colder than us. On Sunday our car thermometer said 0 degrees when we drove to church at 8 in the morning. So.... yeah.... and I thought I was coming to a warm Arizona winter!! But we go from our car straight into people's houses usually so it isn't too bad. Yes, so we began a new transfer. My first one FLEW by, it was crazy how fast it went. This transfer is going to be really unique because it will only be 5 weeks. Because of all the new missionaries and the change in how long missionaries are in the MTC, alot of missions have to change one of their transfers to compensate. So this transfer will only be 5 weeks.
So this week was full of high's and low's. We have been teaching the M family, the family that has been progressing the most. They have baptismal dates, and are reading the book of mormon and everything was awesome. We had another lesson with them this week that was SO powerful, the spirit was so strong as we talked alot about prayer and how important prayer is to us. Then on Sunday we got the phone call that is in every missionaries nightmares.  It broke our hearts. It was the first time on my mission that I thought I might cry, just because I love them so much and I know that they have felt the spirit as we taught them. It was a big bummer on our week. That is how missionary work goes sometimes. We are going to continue trying to help them and make contact with them. Besides that we did find a new investigator this week B who was a referral, we are excited about teaching them. OK the Library just told us they are closing early right now so I don't really have anytime!!! AHHH!!!!!
I am so grateful for all the investigators we are continuing to teach. Elder Z and I are excited about many of them. We are working hard and enjoying our time here. I am being so blessed. I love the Savior. I know he lives and loves me. I am so grateful for his eternal sacrifice. I have learned so much about how to follow the spirit in just 6 weeks.
My singing in sacrament went really well. Did you see Les Miserables mom?? I want to hear how it was?!! I love you guys!! 

I love you guys SO much. I wish I could write more. Riley should be expecting a letter for his birthday!! I'm glad you got my tag!!!
Elder Hughes

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