Monday, February 11, 2013


Hola Familia!!!!!
Sounds like it was a great week in the Hughes household. I am so glad your trip this weekend was great mom and dad. You deserve it. The pictures are beautiful! What a fun time! Thanks so much for your letter Dad. What an exciting week for Rilo. CLEAR THE ROADS!!!  Riley, enjoy your first solo rides!!! I still remember mine to go get a haircut, and I didn't have mom or dad there. It was quite nice haha :)
I wasn't online with Tanner earlier... but we do send each other email every week, which is great.
I will be praying for Grandpa Cahoon. How scary! I am glad he is doing ok though. That is awesome for Aaron as well. I will pray for him also. Thank you for the package! It was perfect. Did Rilo get his birthday letter from me?
We have zone conference tomorrow with President and Sister Killpack. I am excited. Their words always inspire me to keep going and to do better.
This week has been pretty good here in Duncan. We are still struggling to find more people to teach and help those we are teaching to progress. Somedays like Wednesday this week are strange, because you will work hard the whole day, and see no success at all. But as always A is our ray of light haha. Thursday this week started off interesting. Some elders that were driving to a meeting in Tucson ran out of gas on the freeway. So Elder Z and I got a call at 5:45 in the morning for us to go rescue them. It took us three hours the whole trip. An interesting way to start off. Also our landlord (who's farm we live on) has a trap to catch the Javelina pigs. He caught a whole bunch and we naturally had to go torture them a little bit. They are WICKED animals. So weird. We taught a lesson on Wednesday to the K family, a part member family referral we had. It went really well. The spirit was guiding us so much. They had a lot of pretty tough concerns, but it was a really good lesson. It was one time where I really realized how much I need to improve in my teaching. Teaching is something that we ALWAYS have to be improving on as missionaries. We also went to the Duncan High School basketball game that night, because some of our potential investigators were going there. And whenever there is a game, literally every single person in our area goes, so we can never find people to talk to haha. So if you can't beat em join em. All this week we have been painting an elderly lady in our ward's house, which was great. I love doing service, it is one of my favorite parts about being a missionary. 
A is doing awesome. We had a wonderful lesson with him this week. On Friday we saw a mini miracle. We were prompted to stop by his house on our way up to our exchange. It turns out he had a really really bad day, for lots of reasons. He was considering packing up and moving his family and leaving his job. We gave him a blessing that night, and the spirit was so strong. The priesthood is real. Then on Sunday he talked to us about the powerful feelings from the spirit were as we gave him the blessing. I know that the Lord led us to him on Friday. He guides our way, and most of the time we don't even know it.
 We also went on exchanges this week. I went up to Clifton this time. Clifton is kind of a cool place it is a really old mining town. Where the mine is, the city is called Morenci and the entire place is owned by this huge mine. There are lots of cool trains, I thought of Grandpa Bill. He would like it there. So the exchange was really fun. Sometimes it is good to switch it up for a day, and try something new. Then on Saturday and Sunday and today Elder Z has been REALLY sick. With this awful flu/cold thing. He can barely get out of bed. It is really bad. Alot of members around here have had it. Thankfully I haven't gotten it (knock on wood). So because of that I have had many many hours of study time. Which is not as good as proselyting, but is till awesome. I love the opportunity I have as a missionary to feast on the scriptures. I have recieved so much personal revelation in the last few days, it is awesome.
As for your questions Dad. T is a bit wishy washy. We keep trying to set up a lesson with him, but he never has the time. S has literally fallen off the face of the earth. We text and call him and stop by his house all the time, and he is never around. So unfortunately we haven't been able to teach alot this week. We are working so hard to find more people to teach. We are working on quite a few potential investigators who look good. We are hoping and praying that they will be receptive to us.
I finished the New Testament today, and what a blessing it was to read it. This church is the true and living church on the earth. I know that with all of my soul. The spirit has given me it's special witness. Christ lives! The spirit has been teaching me so much this week about discipleship. We have been called and ordained as disciples of Christ. I know that in following him, and walking the path he walked we can achieve all of our dreams. He enables us to do it. We must just trust in him. We cannot go wrong if we are loving others and serving as he would serve. I have felt his strength come to me. There are times when I doubt, worry, and fret about what I can do more as a missionary. I have felt that I must just do all I can every day, and all will be well.
I am doing great. I love being a missionary as always. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have already been changed forever. I have learned more in the past 4 months than any other time of my life. I am so happy everyday to serve.
I love you guys so much. Never forget it. I am so thankful for our eternal family.
Elder Hughes

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