Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HELLO California! I am coming to you from....... TUCSON! | week 44

Hey Family!!!!
It is wonderful to hear from you as always!!! I got transfer calls, and I am now in South Tucson with Elder A. I am way pumped. The district here is DESTROYING. As a whole district they found 33 new investigators last week. It is an awesome area. We all cover one branch here in Tucson and it is gonna be great. I was sad to leave Nogales, because I have seen so many miracles there. I am a completely different missionary leaving that place from when I arrived. It has been unreal. I am still in South Zone, which makes me happy, I love our zone and our zone leaders so it is going to be awesome. Elder A is from Utah, him and Elder G actually went to the same high school. He just finished being trained, and he is way cool. We are excited for this coming transfer. I came on exchanges to this area a couple months ago, and I am excited for the new opportunities that it will be bring. It is always mixed emotions to get transferred, just like all change in life is. I am really excited for a new chapter in my mission experience here. I don't really know much about my area or investigators here as I just arrived this morning. :)
Also we have a brand new 2013 Frontier truck. They just got it on Friday. IT IS AWESOME. Just sayin.
Thank you for all the news from the homefront. It sounds like life as normal at home. That is awesome to hear that Grandpa Cahoon is headed back home. That is so cool to hear his reaction to our letters :) Keep me posted on Aaron. I actually had planned to ask you guys about him this week. I will definitely be keeping him in my prayers. He needs miracles.
Speaking of miracles. It has been a week full of them in Nogales. I love this work so much.
The highlight of the week was definitely Ig. He got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It went really well. He is doing awesome. It was such a powerful experience. As with all baptism the spirit was so strong. His family all came and they all felt the spirit. 2 of his siblings have baptismal dates which is really exciting. His dad came and really felt the spirit. He was really touched by what he felt. I really know that they all will follow Ig's example. It was so awesome. There is truly nothing better in the whole world than giving your investigator a great big hug right after they get baptized. It has taken months, but it went so well this weekend. We continued to find and teach a ton this week in Nogales. The Lord has blessed that place alot. I am excited to continue to hear news from Nogales on many other people.
I got to go on exchanges with Elder Taylor my old MTC comp this week. We had a blast. It was so great to be able to catch up, he will always be one of my dear friends.
It was hard to say bye to R. We have had some amazing experiences being a part of this process in his life. We started teaching his girlfriend this week as well. It has been going awesome. The Lord has a plan for each of us.
One awesome experience we had this week. It was actually right after the baptism on Sat. We went back to teach this lady named C. A week ago we found her and invited here to read the Book of Mormon. She told us it would be really hard for here because it was long, but we encouraged her. She is a single mom and works at McDonalds. When we returned we asked here how the reading went, she started making alot of excuses and apologizing (which is very common). Evenually we got to asking her how much she read. SHE READ 108 PAGES. I think my mouth dropped open. What made it even better is that it was followed by "ever since I have started reading that book everything in my life has been going so well, everything is better!" Truly the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love the BOM. It has changed my life and it can change every soul that reads it with a sincere heart. This is why we invite EVERYONE to read it. What a miracle.
I want to throw out a challenge to you guys as well! I am just finishing our mission Book of Mormon challenge in Spanish. Rilo I know you have the book of mormon for seminary this year as well. So I challenge you all to read it again. I can promise that you will be so blessed. I know firsthand.
I love you all so much. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I love this work. There is truly no better feeling than helping others come unto Christ, and it happens through this resored gospel. I love you all and think of you often. I am excited for a new adventure here!

Elder Hughes
Ps for my birthday (I have had to think really really hard haha) , I want actually a new set of english scriptures. AND we are allowed to wear kaki pants now!!! So I would like a pair of those. :)


saying goodbye to many people he has grown to love in Nogales


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