Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello Again Familia! | week 45

Hey there family!!!
It sounds like you guys are doing great as always. The Hughes family always knows how to finish off the summer strong! It has been an intersting week getting adjusted to things here in Tucson. The work is different in all different places, and sometimes it takes a week to kind of get your bearings, but I am so excited. Some info about our area. We cover a branch here with 4 other missionaries. This branch is really really struggling. They actually might get shut down if it doesn't get better. The branch is focusing a ton on helping the inactive members and less actives. There are LOTS. We are helping alot with that. I love working with inactive members, and it is so important. We are on the South side of Tucson, South of Ajo way and all the way down to the airport. Z man you would love it. There are TONS of airplanes. We live really close to the airport and really close to the air force base here. So we hear planes flying over all the time. It is an area with alot of poverty, there are alot of people in need of the gospel here. It is HOT here in the desert. Nogales was much cooler, but you get used to it pretty quick. I am going to freeze when I get home, I have gotten used to it being mega hot.
I am not training Elder A, he just finished his training. (He is a pilot by the way Zach, it is pretty awesome) He is in the air force as well. We actually got some surprising news yesterday. At church President Killpack called us and a bunch of Visa Waiters are coming in today, (they are missionaries waiting for their visas to come in so they come to our mission for a period of time. It could be for months or a week, we don't know) SO we are going to be in a trio and train the new missionary! We are going to pick him up in an hour or so! It has been crazy. It is gonna be hilarius trying to fit us all in the apartment. It is SO small haha. I will send you guys pictures. So that is exciting. I also am still serving as the district leader here. It has taken me this week to get my footing in this new area, and I am so excited for this coming week. We have alot of work to do. I have learned so much about working smart. So much of life is about planning and working smart. We had to weed through some of the investigators that this area has this week. We came out of that with about 3 solid investigators, and we are going out to find lots more this week. The family we are teaching their names are R and R. It is a mom and a son. The missionaries have been teaching them for a while. They are so awesome. I feel like R is teaching us much more than we are teaching her. I feel the spirit so strong when we teach her. She is awesome. She is going through some INSANE stuff with her family right now. Life has thrown many many many trials on R. I am so grateful for this gosple that gives us the answers and ways to deal with all of these things. She really opened up to us this week, and we were able to teach here about prayer and recieving answers to prayer. It was so powerful. What a gift it is for us to be able to communicate with our heavenly father at any time. I am excited to keep working with them, they came to church and are going to get baptized soon.
The field truly is white. The Lord is hastening his work, and I am so grateful that I am part of that every day. I gave a talk on Sunday in the branch here on how as followers of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to serve. That is what his whole life was centered around, was loving and serving others. There is truly no greater mission in the world than to go forward spreading his love. It changes others and it changes us when we do that. I have felt that in so many ways.
Thank you for your love and prayers and support. I think of you guys every single day. Last night Elder A and I were talking about our families, and I once again was so happy to know that I have such an amazing family. You guys are the best. Thank you for all that you do. I am doing well. I have seen the Lord's help and guidance in my life everyday. Somehow he can take me as weak and simple as I am and use me to accomplish what he needs done. When we are on the Lord's errand we are entitled to his help. We can all find opportunities to be on his errand. It doesn't require a tag.
I love you guys! Sorry I don't have much time today!
Until next week!
Elder Hughes

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