Monday, August 19, 2013

week 46 | another week down

Hey familia!
I hope all is well with you guys!  I am sure you are all gearing up to go back to school!
It has been a pretty normal week here in Tucson. Sometimes we just have pretty normal weeks in the work of the Lord haha. It has been a challenge to get this area up and running. It can take many many weeks of effort sometimes to get an area really going. We have focused a ton on finding new investigators. We have gone through the people that we have this week and we spent many hours knocking doors. It flashes me back to this last summer in Wisconsin haha. Finding is really all about faith. We have to be diligent and have faith that the Lord will put in our path those that are being prepared. In the process of trying to find people we have met some pretty intense people. Oh goodness. There are some pretty crazy people here in Tucson. I definitely have seen the whole spectrum of people here on my mission. We all have many differences and different lives, but truly there is so much that we all face in common. I truly believe that we all are searching for the true peace and joy that is only available through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It does not come any other way. Money does not buy it. Drugs and alcohol can not provide it, and violence definitely doesn't solve it. I have seen that so much here, and it truly is a dead end road for people.

We are a trio now! Elder B is now with us. He is from Park City, Utah and is waiting for his visa to come in so that he can go to Argentina! He is a way cool kid. He is a great missionary and is doing awesome. The 3 of us are having a blast. Trio's are infamous for being really challenging, but our trio is doing great. It has been really fun.

We had zone conference this week which was awesome. I love hearing from President and Sister Killpack. It is such an exciting time in our mission. Things are changing, and the Lord is hastening his work. As always I felt the spirit so strongly. There is always so much to learn. The longer I am out on a mission the more I realize how much I still have to learn. Thankfully the Lord is patient with us. The spirit always prompts me with the lessons and things that I need to learn. We found out that in the next 6 months (sometime) we will be getting ipad's and will be launching into the whole new era of missionarywork. It is going to be really exciting. There is alot that will be coming our way very soon.
We have also been focusing a ton on reactivating inactive members of the church here. We had 2 inactive families come to church this week!!! One of them hadn't been to church in more than 2 years. It is amazing to be a part of that. I love seeing people come to realize and remember the things that they have been missing. Truly Christ's arm's are open to each of us. He is just waiting for us to take the steps to walk back to him.

Our one really solid investigator here is R. She is a woman of so much faith it blows me away. She is continuing to go through so many trials. We had some really intense lessons with her this week. She is facing things in her family that are so hard. How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches us so much about how to find strength in our families. We are excited to keep working with her.
It has been a week of new challenges this week, but I am excited to get another one and to give another week my all. Truly life is about taking it one day at a time. I have focused on taking the work of the Lord one day at a time and giving him everything I have every day. Sometimes we don't see the blessings right away, but they do come. I have experienced that time and time again here.

Thank you for your love and support.

I love you guys and I hope and pray that you guys have a wonderful week. I hope all is well, I am sure it is, did you get my letters to rilo and z man?

I love you guys so much!


Elder Hughes

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