Monday, April 1, 2013

Coming to ya this week from good old Safford AZ | week 22

Hi Family!!
Happy Monday to you guys! I love mondays too because I get to hear from you! We had to come into Safford today for a check on our car so I am in Safford right now. Sounds like everything is life as usual at the Hughes household. Everything sounds good there, we are having beautiful weather here in Arizona! It has been perfect. We have been trying to get out of the car as much as possible because of how nice the weather is. I need to start putting on sunscreen everyday haha because I have been getting a BIT sunkissed haha. Baseball and lake tahoe and rocklin 1st ward all sounds like usual. I love Rocklin so much. It will always feel like 'home' to me. Kind of like Layton is to you guys. Congrats Dad, making it up on the stats board :) I'm not surprised. You are one of the hardest working people I know. Give everyone there my love.
Things are really good here in Duncan! We had a great week. It was really sweet. We did quite a bit of tracting this week, and actually founds some success!! Which we are super excited about. We have 2 people that invited us back. (That NEVER happens especially in Duncan) So that has been great. I really like to get out and walk around and talk to people. I did get attacked by my first dog haha. It was this insane little guy that clamped onto my leg haha. I had to give him a nice kick. Elder Lane meanwhile couldn't stop laughing. You know just my usual self making a fool of myself haha. We went over to a family's house earlier in the week that we have met before. They are former investigators and we think they have alot of potential for us to start teaching them again. This visit was alot better than the first haha the first time the wife was SO drunk that it was not real pleasant :) We are having an FHE with them and their member neighbors tonight.
A was still working 12 hr shifts every day this week, so we couldn't meet with him. I talked to him on the phone for a while though! He told us that for sure this week we will be able to meet. They have been crazy busy since his baptism. So I am excited to see him this week for sure.
We continue to teach E and M. They both came to church this week which was awesome. T and S came also! That is the BEST thing to see as a missionary is your investigators coming to church. Definitely brightens our Sundays when that happens :) We have been able to do alot more service for them this week also, which I love.
The highlight by far of the week was S and Ty . We taught them the Plan of Salvation on Wed. and that went really well. They are so fun to teach and talk to. Then they came to church on Sunday, and we taught them later on Sunday night. The lesson last night was SO AWESOME. The spirit there was so strong. We had it with their member friends the S family. They are the best members to have at a lesson. They really know how to do missionary work. The lesson was the first time on my mission where I felt the whole lesson guided by the spirit. It never ceases to amaze me how the spirit can lead us as missionaries. We have to rely on that so much. Elder L and I were so pumped, after the lesson. The spirit was there so strong. I am so excited about S. We are gonna keep working hard to get her baptized. She is one of the nicest, most spiritual people I have ever met. So that was a great way to end our week.
This week I have been strengthened so much by the scriptures. It is one of my favorite parts of the day to sit down and feast on the words of Christ. There is truly no better way to start off the day then to be immersed in the scriptures. My love for the Book of Mormon has grown so much. READ IT. It changes lives.
I have felt recently like I have really finally settled into missionary work. As I am approaching 6 months now, I am alot more comfortable and I am able to really BE a missionary. There are always challenges. But it has helped me so much to concentrate on each day, and do all I can to lift and serve others each day.
Time is flying by, I can't believe it is march all ready. It was just Christmas!!! I am so happy and doing really well.
I mailed off my SD card with pictures the other day, you guys should be getting it soon!
As for things I need.............. this is like the 'what i want for christmas' question that I can never answer haha. I really really really can't think of anything haha. I have MORE than enough food. I always like new music. :)
I love you guys so much!!! I loved all the pictures. Your photography looks awesome mom.
Elder Hughes

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