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I love you guys! | week 25

*We talked to Taylor on the Saturday before this letter was written. A phone call to a missionary from his parents is never good news. Unfortunately, we had to let him know that his very good friend, Heidi Greenwood passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism. Both Tanner and Taylor were very close with Heidi. They loved her and the Greenwood Family. Taylor sent this wonderful picture, through a member in Duncan later that day, what an amazing young man!

Hey Family!

Thank you for your email today mom and dad. It was great. I love to hear more about the kinds of feelings and the spirit of what has been happening. Man, I don't even know where to begin this week. I am doing well. Saturday was a really hard day. I had a really hard day concentrating and it definitely was the really tough day for me. Your call was so great. I found myself throughout the day reflecting on it, and the words you guys were able to give me. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to send the Greenwoods a message. Give them big hugs for me. I have been able to reflect so much in the last couple days about the reality of the plan that our heavenly father has for us. It is so real. It is why I am out sharing the gospel. I am so grateful for the spirit that comforts me. 

I love all the little miracles that you talked about. How wonderful that you got to witness all of that happening. I have seen a couple small little miracle for me here as well. I know that the Lord leads us to others and he leads people to us. It goes both ways. Right after the phone call I was having a really hard time. It takes a few moments for it all to set in. When I was talking to you guys, I still was a bit in shock. We went to go wash our car at this car wash. I was really struggling. Then K happened to drive by and she stopped. K is an AMAZING recent convert here. She was baptized in the fall here in Virden. She is so cool. She has an amazing story of how she joined the church. We have worked with her alot. She is like our best friend haha. So she came to the car wash. We were able to talk for a while which is what I really needed. Sometimes you just need a hug :) I of course wish it could come from you guys, but I am glad that there are so many wonderful people here. I wrote the Greenwood's a letter, and I mailed it to you guys. So if you could deliver it to them that would be awesome. Then that night we ate dinner at the Stake President's house. I have told you a little about him before, but the Stake President here is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He lives right by us, and him and I have become good friends. It was a blessing to me that we were able to spend time with them on Saturday night. Him and his wife helped me out so much. We were able to talk alot about everything. Also on Saturday I got to spend a few minutes in the chapel, actually during the time that the funeral was going on. The spirit truly comforted me there. I know that the savior lives and loves us. The spirit has whispered something to me over and over. It has told me that THIS is why I am serving a mission. Our family and Heidi's family are united through eternity through the blessings of the temple. I am here to bring that to others. I have gotten so much peace from the blessings of eternal families and sealings in the temple. I am in Arizona to bring that blessing to other families.That thought has pushed me to work harder, to commit even more to do everything I can to bring the blessings of the temple to as many families as I can on my mission. It has made me see that I cannot take even one day for granted. Every day is precious. Things like this let us see the true perspective of what really matters most. I hope that I can see that perspective every day without having to have something so tragic to happen. When I was reflecting back on Heidi, I kept thinking of laughter. Everyone that around her was smiling. There was always laughter and joy wherever she went. I know Heidi is in the arms of her Heavenly Father and her Savior. What a wonderful knowledge we have. Now I have to go and share that. I know the Plan of Salvation is real. I have felt through the Holy Ghost of it's true power.

As for the rest of my week. I was really sick for a couple days so that made it a bit of a slow week. We have continued to stay busy though which is the way I like it. The one really amazing thing about this week came on Sunday. A and his wife Y spoke in church. That is a missionary's dream come true when we get to see our investigator bear his testimony in church. I couldn't stop smiling, it was so awesome. Y said something that I will never forget. She talked about the process about how they moved here to Duncan. She said that she truly felt guided as they made the move here to Duncan. She said that now she knows that they moved here to meet Elder Z and I. She said that no other missionaries had touched A's heart. She said that she knew that they had to come here for A to meet us. I cannot even describe how that feels as a missionary to know that I was led to come here. The Lord uses us as a tool in his hand to accomplish his purposes for us. There is no better feeling in the world to know that I was part of helping a family take steps to becoming an eternal family.

It was spring break this week. So many people were out of town, and many of our investigators were gone as well. But we are looking forward to a good week this week.

On a lighter side note. We did have one hilarious thing happen this week. We have been visiting a member who knows an inactive that we want to start helping. One night a couple weeks ago it was dark, and I fell into one of these insane holes that are right by where we park at his house. It was funny then, but then on Sat. we pulled up to his house again. Elder L said "Don't fall in a hole!" I was in the middle of saying "That was so funny when I fell..." when I fell into a hole again. Yeah... it was a pretty classic Taylor move. I make a fool of myself on a regular basis as always.

Transfers calls are on Easter next Sunday. SOOOOO I might be somewhere new when I email you on Tue. next week! There is a pretty good chance I will be leaving Duncan. Which is bittersweet. I love the people here so much. I finally feel like part of the ward :) Happy Easter. I am singing your favorite hymn mom in church next week as a special musical number. I truly know that my redeemer live.

Thank you for your love. I feel your prayers. I wish that I could be with you guys at this time, but know that I am doing well. Saturday was really tough, but things are better every day. It makes me want to work even harder to find those that the Lord needs me to find. He has already done that for Adrian, and I am excited to see what else he has in store. In honor of Heidi and her life I want to do all that I can to bring others to our Savior. I know that he lives! I know that because of him we can live again. His arms of can comfort us. They have done that for me this week.

I love you guys so much. I can't even express it. My love and prayers go out to all the friends and family of Heidi. I love you all. Turn to the Savior. He knows how to help each of us. I love you and miss you guys.


Elder Taylor Hughes

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