Monday, February 11, 2013

Hola Familia!!! | Week 19

All the Missionaries in the Arizona, Tucson Mission

Happy Monday to you all. It sounds like you are all doing wonderful! That is great to hear! That is awesome that you guys are hanging with the Elders in our ward! I know firsthand how much comfort and love members give us. We definitely have some of our 'favorite' members here who I love so much. There are some amazing people here in Duncan. Sounds like life as normal in good ol' Rocklin :)
As for this week of missionary work. There is really not much to say haha. Elder Z got this nasty nasty 7 day flu that alot of members have had. Since he was so sick we couldn't do any proselyting this whole week, which was MEGA LAME. People don't like it when someone with the raging flu comes and sits down in your living room haha. Not gonna lie it was the longest week I have had yet on my mission haha. Elder Z slept all day for about 6 days and so I read alot. I am almost halfway through the Book of Mormon :) Yeah, I definetly had the case of cabin fever myself... I was DYING to get out and do something this week. As a missionary we can't just flip on the tv or surf the web. Thank goodness I never caught the flu myself. It was a nasty one so I am so happy I didn't get it. So because of that we weren't able to really do anything as far as missionary work goes this week. BUT it was really unproductive, but there were some really good things about it too. As a missionary we go nonstop every day 7 days a week, so sometimes it feels like I never get the chance to take a step back and evaluate. So it was really nice to have alot of time to reflect on what I have learned already as a missionary and how I want to apply that to the rest of my mission. I am getting closer and closer to the six month mark!!! It is crazy. I feel that pressure of not having alot of time. Our window to share the gospel and help change people's lives is so short. I have made alot of new goals for myself. That is one really interesting thing about missionarywork, we have amazing tools like preach my gospel and the scriptures, but there is really no way to know how to adapt to all the places we go and the people we meet. Duncan has challenges for missionary work that are very unique and so it takes some creativity to get things movin. We have to rely on the spirit to help us. I have learned that without the spirit to guide me, I would be so lost as a missionary. I am SO grateful for it's direction. This week as I have been able to study and ponder and reflect alot on myself and where I want to be as a missionary the spirit has guided me so much. I am so grateful for prayer. If I didn't have prayer to help me, I have no idea what I would do. I need the guidance I recieve through prayer.
That is what is so amazing about being a missionary. It truly puts your faith to the test. There is nothing in the world that tests you and pushes you more than helping and inviting others to our savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be a missionary. There is nothing else I would rather be doing. 
We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday which is basically a big meeting of missionaries with President Killpack and the assistants. It was awesome. Elder Z was really sick on that day, but he toughed it out and I am so glad. It helped me get recharged. My mission president and his wife are SO awesome. They are inspired in all that they do. I wish you guys could meet them. The conference was great, we were able to learn alot about working with members and how to improve ourselves as missionaries. After the zone conference we went to the doctor for Elder Z. The doctor that we all see in Safford is the stake president there. We also had stake conference this weekend. It was great as well.
A is still set to get baptized next weekend. We are long distance planning his baptism haha. I am so grateful for him and his family. I will get some pictures with them this week. He has the cutest daughters in the world. This coming week is gonna be about getting things moving again here in Duncan. This is our last week of the transfer!!! This transfer was only 5 weeks, which is super rare. This next transfer we both have no idea what will happen. At least one of us is leaving we do know that. It will be interesting to see. So P day will be on tuesday next week. and I may or may not be somewhere else!
Thanks to the Voges for the package!!!! I love you guys. I also got a letter from Jacob Zufelt which was awesome. I love that kid! Give Elder Barney a big hug for me if you ever see him again.
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I am reading it this time with a fresh copy and highlighting all the references to Christ and the atonement. This has been awesome. It helps me focus on him as I read. And that book is FILLED with references to Christ. It truly changes lives. It has changed my life, and it changes the lives of all of our investigators. I have grown to LOVE the Book of Mormon.
I love you guys so much every day of the year not just on valentines day haha. I love you all. I pray for you every day. I am doing great, I am excited for a new week and continue to grow and learn as a missionary. Les amo mucho!!!!!
Elder Hughes

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