Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FELIZ DIA DE POVO! | Week 7

Hola Familia!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love you all so much! What fun plans for thanksgiving! We can all have an unconventional Thanksgiving together, since my all 6 of our Thanksgivings are going to be very different haha. I am so glad you all get to get away and have some fun. (more flags more fun) Go ride all the rides for me :)  Meanwhile in Provo, our Thanksgiving is going to ROCK as well. First off, we have a devotional tomorrow with Elder Holland. (Elder T and I found out from a reliable source that he is coming to the MTC tomorrow!!!) It's gonna be awesome. If you think Elder Holland is intense in general conference, you should see some of his devotionals that we have watched the rebroadcasts of. They are awesome. I can't wait. Then we are spending most of the rest of the day doing service and making 10,000 humanitarian kits. Which is what being a missionary is all about. We also get Thanksgiving dinner of course. It should be wonderful. Although, I am going to miss being with you all for Thanksgiving, know that I will be thinking of you throughout the whole day. I will miss stuffed mushrooms as well :) BUT being a missionary is exactly what I love to do.

This week has been kinda crazy. Well long story short. Elder R my companion came back to the MTC! (We couldn't believe it) He is back! Which was awesome. I almost dropped the phone when our branch president talked to us. It was such a happy day. Spanish is still coming along. We are making alot of goals to work super hard our last 2 weeks to be as ready as we possibly can be to go into the field. This sound funny, but speaking spanish is super fun. I haven't been able to figure it our but EVERYTHING is funnier in spanish. I am so glad I was called to speak it.

One trial this week has been for Elder T. He has some pretty crazy health issues that are pretty confusing, and intense. It has been a really tough week for him, and one thing about companionships is that we are both in it together. We have spent many hours at doctor's offices all around provo in the last week, and we have four more appointments this week. He goes in for an MRI today. Keep him in your prayers. He is awesome, and we are super close friends. I have learned so much about how to serve others.

I found out that Sarina got engaged!!!!! How exciting!!!!! I am so pumped for her.

Give the Voges all my love. Thank the Jay's for their card that they sent me.

I sent you a Thanksgiving card, I don't know if you got it yet :)

I cannot even begin to explain how much my faith and knowledge have grown here at the MTC. My heart and soul are filled every day. I have learned how to TRULY teach the gospel by the spirit. Family, the gift of tongues is real. I am a witness of it. This sunday we watched a rebroadcast devotional of Elder Bednar's talk last Christmas at the MTC. It is one of the best talks I have ever heard in my entire life. I want to share with you what I got out of it: We must understand the Character of Christ. He turned out to others in perfect love, when the natural man turns into himself in selfishness. In order to be truly converted to this gospel, and to our savior, and to NEVER fall away. We must understand and develop this Character within us. We must turn outward in pure love toward others. It is then that we truly are converted. Find someone to serve and love every day. This is why I am on a mission to serve and love.

I am so grateful to all of you. You have blessed my life eternally. I am SO grateful to be a missionary, a son of Chris and Katie Hughes, a Child of God, a brother to Riley Zach and Tanner, and I AM so grateful to be a representative of Christ. I am grateful for your love and the love of our savior. I wish I could convey all that I have learned here. I love you so much. Don't worry about me, I am SO happy, although I miss you SO much, there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Go serve someone today and everyday. I LOVE YOU!!! I can't wait to talk to you all on the phone soon!



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