Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 6 | 6 Semanas down in the CCM!!

Hola Familia!!!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you for your letters, emails, and package! I love them so much, I can't even describe how much I love hearing from you. This week has been a bit crazy, but very good as usual. Another Elder in our district went home at the same time as Elder R and so now me and Elder T are companions! He is awesome, we are super close, he is hilarious and we are doing great! Our district only has 4 Elders in it now which is kinda crazy. It is small so we get alot of help from all of our teachers. We are all 4 great friends so it makes it fun. Spanish continues to improve, it is easy to hit a certain point of mastery and start to not work as hard, so I have been trying to work hard on it every day. We teach LOTS of lessons here at the MTC. It is really hard at first, and we all think that the people that set this place up are crazy, but it is an inspired system! We learn so much about how to rely on the spirit as we teach. It is humbling and it prepares us so much for the field. Once again we had an amazing devotional yesterday. It was awesome. I am taught by the spirit so much here. We learned about how as missionaries we are truly living the law of consecration. It is real, and the blessings of living it are real. I feel it, and I hope you feel it. "The only surrender that is also a victory, is to consecrate one's heart to the Lord"
The package was perfecto! It was exactly perfect, thank you thank you! (big cyber hug) Thank you Meg and Brandon for the Pumpkin bread also! It was sooooo good! Thank you harless's too!!
I am glad that Aaron got my letter, I was prompted many times to write it :)
Your pictures look awesome mom! I am so excited for the holidays as well! Thanksgiving here is gonna be awesome. An apostle should be coming, and we are doing some big service project thing. I will miss you all, and think of how thankful I am for you all day, so I will be there in spirit! What are your plans for turkey day!??
I did get all of Tanner's letters, I have only been able to send him a short email, because of the stupid 30 minute timers on these computers that give me anxiety. I love hearing from him. Two elders from my zone left to go to the Guatemala MTC and I gave them a letter to give to him, and instructions to give him a huge hug for me, haha. Thank you for a Matt Hodgson mission update!!! Next up I would love a Ty Clark update too!!! :)
Dad, I am so proud of ya!!! Way to be!! I have been working out alot here too! I have been running 1-2 miles a day, which has helped me to feel alot better. Keep it up!  I am still a zone leader with Elder T, and it's great. I have had alot of opportunities to serve the other Elders in our zone, some struggle alot.
It snowed a ton here at the beggining of the week, and has been freezing cold, so it has just barely started to melt. I love getting mail, tell people to write me!
I say it every week, but I LOVE being a missionary, it is so great. I love being able to focus 100% on the Lord, and doing his work. It is definately not easy, but I have been richly blessed. I love you all so much. I think about  you and pray for you every day. I am so happy. Being a missionary makes me so happy. One email would never be enough to sum up how much I have learned about myself and about the gospel in the last six weeks. I wish I could share all that I have learned. This gospel is true, and we are blessed in proportion to how much we are converted to the Lord, and ACT. We should be so happy every day that we are part of this marvelous work. I am getting so excited to go out into the 'real world' and share this wonderful message of hope and love. There is truly nothing more important in the whole world than the simple principles of the gospel. Have a wonderful pre thanksgiving week! I love you all so much. I am so happy, and I am even happier when I think about you all!
Elder Taylor Hughes

ah I tried to send pics, and these stupid computers hate me, next week!!!
I love you!

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