Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feliz Navidad | Week 11

Hola Familia!!!

Merry Christmas! I have really good news for you mom, we get to skype!!! Your dreams do come true haha. We are going to skype from the Stake President's house, who invited us over. I am able to call you a couple days before Christmas to 'set up' the Skype call, and we can figure out details then. It will probably be in the afternoon sometime. I can't wait!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for the package!! It is perfect. I love it. The music is awesome, yes I do share your love mom for Christmas music :) I love my new ties, you guys have good taste :) And we opened our new wafflemaker today, and we are SO excited to make waffles tomorrow morning. Thank you so much. I love you all so much. I wish I could give you all some great gifts. Watch the mail before you leave for my gift to you mom and dad. It sounds funny, but the wrapping paper literally smells like our house haha. I loved that. And I may or may not smell the wrapping paper every day haha.

Things are going great here in Duncan! The work is progressing and Elder Z and I are seeing alot of mini miracles. The Lord truly directs his work. We are still teaching all the people I told you about last week, and we found two new investigators this week!!! On Friday we finally went over and visited a lady that showed up to church all by herself. She only speaks spanish, so my mediocre spanish came in handy haha. Her name is H and she is SO nice. I am so excited to start teaching her. We had to drive through a small river to get to her house, it is out in the middle of nowhere. By the way we drive ALOT here in our area. Our area is so spread out and all of our investigators are so spread out that we spend alot of quality time in our good ol' truck. Then on Friday, the Relief Society president gave us some cookies to go deliver to some new families, because she didn't have enough time to finish. One of the families is a part member family, and when we dropped the cookies off we ended up teaching the first lesson to the nonmember husband. It was awesome, he is so prepared and the spirit was so strong as we taught him. It got us both so excited. We are going back to teach him again today. Another cool thing last night was at the end of the night around 8:30 which is the toughest time, because we still have time to do missionary work, but it's late and nobody really wants to see us when it is almost 9. So we were pulled off the road and were trying to decide who to go see, and Elder Z had a prompting to go see an inactive guy who is our age who got baptized a year ago. He was prompted to see him, and it turns out that A has been really wanting to get active again, and has been praying for help. He was so happy that we came, and we are going to go over read the book of mormon with him this week, and bring him to church. We do alot of work with less actives and inactives here, and it is so great. It is one area that sometimes gets overlooked, and sometimes people get forgotten. We are having FHE's with another inactive family that are going super well. The Lord uses his missionaries to go after lost sheep.

The members here in Duncan are awesome, and it's a good thing because we do 100% member missionary work, because of how few people are here and how many members there are. We are continuing our twelve days. We are serving the most hilarious craziest and indescribable elderly lady in our ward. I wish you all could meet her. She is awesome. She also has the hardest 12 days house ever. It is in the middle of nowhere, no trees, lots of lights, lots of dogs, and fences. It is a pretty intense operation. I accidentally ripped some pants jumping over a fence the other day :) a lady in the ward is gonna fix them for me.

We have continued to do lots of service which I love. I love this work so much. Yes, I was actually gonna tell you about Elder Holland's ensign article too. I read it a week ago, and it touched me. I don't think I have ever related to an article so much in my whole life. It is exactly how I feel. The Savior truly walks with his missionaries. I feel it. I learn so much everyday. I love this Christmas season that helps us all be a little more like our savior and remember what he has done for us. I love you all so much!!! I will give you a short call before Christmas to set up the skype time/details, and then I will SEE you on Christmas!!! I love you all and miss you!!


Elder Hughes

Hey, I tried my very best to send pictures today again :( but the computers here are circa 1999 and they pretty much stink, haha. They don't read my camera. When we skype at the stake president's I will send em to ya. We get an hour to skype by the way. I am SO EXCITED! It will be awesome. I am doing great. Elder Z is such a great companion, I am so lucky to have him. We get along great. I hope you guys know how much I love you. Thank you for your support. Your package has brought me alot of joy :) I really don't need anything. Honest. I have everything I need. Your pictures look awesome. That picture of Rilo and Zach is great. I miss them alot too. I can't wait to talk to you in a week and 1 day! I know how much you like skyping more :) I love you all so much. FELIZ NAVIDAD!

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