Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from Duncan!!! | Week 10

Hola Familia!!!!

I am so happy today, because I got your emails. The only reason I love P days is getting to read what you all have sent me! I am doing wonderful here in good ol Duncan Arizona. I have alot to tell ya!! The work is going great here. We are busy and full of excitement to be sharing the gospel at such an amazing time of the year. Missionary work here is highly centered on the members, because most of the population is members, tracting doesn't mean anything, so we stop by alot of members houses unannounced haha and work with them on finding people for us to teach. The people here are so great, they crack me up. I love them so much. They live very different lives from what we are used to in California, but they are so happy and their lives are lived much simpler. My companion and I are doing awesome, we are really good friends. The Lord directs who we are companions with, and I really know that we were meant to be put together. We are very similar, and it is so fun. We have a blast. So we literally live on a farm. We get our eggs from the chicken coop next to our house, and our milk from the dairy down the road. Although Elder Z says I am a wuss because I cannot handle the milk we get from the dairy. It is literally the milk straight from the cow, and it is NASTY. I am finally buying my own milk today haha. We go running every morning in the fields. It is awesome.

As for the people we are teaching. First off there are 3 recent converts that we work with alot here they are all awesome. One, K is a cop and she was baptized a couple months ago. She is hilarius and is SO commited to the gospel. She rocks. I wish you could meet her! Then there are two boys C and D who were baptized last month. They are the sweetest, most awesome kids, and we get to teach them the new convert lessons every month. I taught an entire lesson in spanish this week!!!! To a guy named R who the missionaries have been teaching. In the past they have brought a translator with them, but now we don't have to. He is so funny, and we are just trying to help him progress. He wants to come closer to Christ and he wants the peace that the gospel brings. We are trying to help him use this desire to gain his own answer through the spirit. We are starting to teach a whole family this week the M's that live way out far away on a huge ranch. A member of the 70 actually owns the ranch, so hopefully it will go well. I have a good feeling about it. We are also teaching a man named Terry and we are trying to find a spanish woman who came to church all on her own a couple weeks ago. It is all so exciting!

Church was great this week. I LOVE the spirit and revelation I can feel at church no matter where I am. We have two ward here, so we go to six hours of church. And let me tell you the 80's and 90's have NOT died here in Duncan. All of the styles are alive and well here, it is so hilarius, I love it. We get to do lots of service which is awesome. We spent 5 hours helping an elderly lady's lawn this week. I love doing service. We are looking for ways to serve more around Christmas. I am doing 12 days too!!! To a single lady in our ward. Thank you for your words of love family. I love you all so much! Everyone has mentioned to me that Nor Cal has been getting pounded with rain... so I was curious about that. Thank Aunt Jaline for me, for her gift she sent!!! I haven't opened it yet, it is underneath our little Christmas tree :) I love you all so much. I know that the Lord directs this work. I have felt of his love, and help as I do this work that sometimes feels so tough. It isn't easy, but I am happy and I love serving others and I LOVE the gospel. It is all true.

I love you all so much!!


Elder Hughes

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