Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo | week 83

These are all of the twins at MLC. I love all these missionaries, and they are all twins too!

Hey there family!!
I hope you each had a great week! You have been in my thoughts and prayers as always.
As for Elder T and I, this week has been another week of hard work. We are slowly seeing the fruits of that effort. It was a very busy week. Sometimes I look back on the week and I wonder how we were supposed to have time to do all that we want to do!  I know each of you share those feelings with us sometimes. Time is always slipping away!

We have been working alot with the A family that I have told you about before. We made alot of progress with them this week. They have started to open up more about their true feelings, and trials. We had a really good lesson this week with them about prayer. The principle of prayer is really so simple, yet sometimes we take it for granted. We are looking forward to a new week helping them come closer to Christ.
We have spent alot of time this week trying to find new investigators. We always meet some very interesting people in that process. It isn't boring, lets just say that. We met a descendant of Joseph Smith this week! Unfortunately, she did not inherit his kindness, she was quite rude to us, but it was still cool nonetheless.

I am grateful for small, and simple opportunities to serve others. We had quite a few of those this week. 

I don't think I have talked about D in a while. But he is the inactive member that we have been working with who is a recovering Heroin addict. He is doing so well. In the couple months I have been here, I have seen amazing changes in him and in his life. It has been a miracle to witness. I am grateful to have been able to see it. We celebrated his birthday with him this week.

Speaking of Birthdays! Happy early Birthday Dad!!!!! I love you, and wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Elder T has the same birthday as you! So we will do some celebrating.

Alfred and his family are doing well. We are going to start teaching A's son. I got to ordain A a priest last week, which was way cool.
We had many meetings this week. First we had zone trainings where we received instruction from President and Sister Killpack and the Assistants. It left us with much to ponder. President recently returned from a conference with Elder Bednar. He shared with us the things he was taught there. We learned alot about teaching by the spirit. I have a LONG way to go as a gospel teacher. It was a very inspiring training, and has helped me apply myself more as a teacher. There is so much yet to learn. Then later on in the week we had MLC in Tucson. It was another spiritual feast. I am so grateful for opportunities to learn.
Our week kind of had a bummer ending. I got really sick on saturday night with some bad bug. I spent the whole night laying on the bathroom floor giving back my last meals. It wasn't too much fun. I felt bad for Elder T that I kept him up all night! So Sunday I slept most of the day, and I feel alot better today. Apparently quite a few missionaries had the same thing I had. It had been a very long time since I had gotten sick like that. The last one I could remember was our infamous food poisoning drive from Utah back to Cali haha. I don't think any of us will ever forget that! I have a renewed gratitude for my health. I am so grateful for it.
I am looking forward to SEEING you on Sunday!!! I will give you a call on Saturday to get the time stuff set up! We are going to skype from the Garner's, so you will get to meet them! I can hardly believe that this is the last call til I get to give you each a big non virtual hug!!!!!
I love you all! and I will SEE you soon!
Elder Hughes
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
PS Keep Elder P, my dear friend, in your prayers. His Dad will die very soon, and he is flying home to see him.

I forgot about this, until I saw the picture again. Last week we were eating lunch on P day at a kfc, and this random guy came up and threw a 100 dollar bill on our table and ran off before we could give it back to him. We were in shock. So naturally we took pictures with it 

best doormat I have ever seen.

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