Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Transfer week from Arizona!! | Week 86

Hello there family!

It sounds like you guys had a fun memorial day weekend planned!! That is great that you got to go to the temple. Oh how I love that place. Likewise, I can't wait to go with you when we get back!

I am still coming to you from Benson on this tuesday morning!!!! I am staying!!! I am very relieved about that. I really feel like I just got to know the people here, so I am glad that I have 6 more weeks here! Elder Teichert and I work very well together, so we are both excited for another transfer. Our zone changed very little this time. Which is great. I love the missionaries of our zone.

As for this last week, it was a very challenging one for us. Most of our investigators either dropped us, or flaked out. SO, we have regrouped, and are starting a new transfer with a clean slate :) I am so grateful for those opportunities. We have been giving it our all in trying to find people to teach, we have been talking to EVERY single person that we see. That has opened up some miracles for us. Yesterday we found some really promising new contacts and referrals. 

The work has been tough the last couple weeks, but we have been doing well. I have learned to just keep pressing onward, the Lord always uses us for his purpose's as long as we press onward. Enduring to the end, is a principle that continues on. I have learned alot about enduring as a missionary. There are many ways to endure. I believe that almost all people CAN endure. The thing that separates most people is HOW they endure. We must endure well, endure joyfully, and endure with faith. That is a whole new kind of challenge. 

The Lord has taught me much in the last week. I am grateful for that.

Of all of the people we were teaching we are going to keep teaching M, who is A's son. He is an awesome kid, and will be baptized soon. We are excited about a new promising week and transfer.

This coming week we have our last mission leadership conference with President Killpack. It should be very powerful. I am sad to see them leave soon, but I am excited for some of their parting counsel.

I have received many answers to my prayers this week. I am so grateful for a loving father in heaven who truly hears and answers. It is usually our end of the line that is busy, fuzzy, blocked, or not speaking at all. I am so grateful for those answers. They have strengthened me, and helped me to be better. Remember your prayers, and not just the vain repetition ones that we all spout off often. Remember the REAL ones, the ones that come right from our hearts. When we approach our father in heaven with our whole hearts, his answers flow in.

I love each of you so very much. I hope and pray that you have a great week! I plan on a great one here!

all my love

Elder Hughes

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