Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Late Easter | week 81

Hello there family!
First of all I want to express my love for Grandpa Shirley. It is sad to hear of his passing. I always felt his love and support when I was with him. He was a good man, with a good heart. I wish I could be there to support all of our extended family. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation, it has empowered me to see life in the way that we should. It helps us know our place in this plan, and how death is just like walking into another room. It is just another step. Give all of our family my love.
You guys look like you had a great week in SoCal. It looks like a blast. I miss our wonderful Hughes family vacations. We always had so much fun just being together. Zach man is looking OLD!!!!! THAT CANT HAPPEN!!!!
Similar to you, I have lots of pictures to send. Those will tell much more of the story. We had a great week here. My new companion is great! We have become good friends already. He is from Wyoming, and grew up on a cattle ranch. He is a state champion wrestler, so I can't make him mad haha. He actually reminds me alot of you Tanner. That must be why we get along so well. We have alot of fun.
This week has been kind of a week of rebuilding and new beginnings here in Benson. Most of our investigators got baptized, so we have been starting from square one again. We spent much of the week trying to find new investigators, and help the ones we have to turn into 'real investigators'. I just love the work of the Lord. Our area has huge potential, so we are pressing forward to help even more people come unto Christ.
They put new sister missionaries in the area next to ours, and they got in a car wreck this week which gave us a real panic. We got a phone call to go to the hospital, so we rushed over there. Thankfully they were left with only some airbag burns and bruises, but it had us worried for a bit. We gave them blessings, and everythings worked out ok. It was quite a miracle that they made it out ok. Heavenly Father watches over his missionaries.

This weekend for Easter, the G's who we live with throw a huge easter party. They go all out. Lots of members and non members came, and it went really well. We also had another mini missionary from Tucson living with us for a couple days.
I am so grateful for Easter. I have reflected alot on it. What a hopeful and wonderful day it is to remember our living savior. We saw that video because he lives alot. We shared it with many people. I love it. Because he lives, we will be with our loved ones again. We can have a new starts. I love how the video says 'new beginnings' and 'clean slates' I am SO grateful for those. I truly know that he lives. I hope that each of us can remember that every day!
I love you all so much. I am loving the work here, and am doing well. Life is so very good.
I love you all so much. Never forget it!
Elder Hughes

PS Quote of the week goes to recent convert D as she walked into Sacrament: "He is Risen!!! So lets go kick some butt!!" haha. It was a classic D moment.

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