Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Heating up in Arizona | week 77

Hello Family!

Thanks for the updates from the homefront. It sounds like all is well. I will keep grandpa Shirley in my prayers for sure. It is starting to heat up here in AZ as well. Although it never really felt like winter at all. I only wore a jacket for a few weeks this year. I completely understand why people have winter homes here because the winters are wonderful, now we just have to gear up for a roasting of a summer. :) Riley and his friends all looked very classy. You looked great Riley! They both looked wonderful. I am sure they had a blast. I remember those days well. They seem like yesterday. Your pictures look awesome mom. I definitely know the tired from a long week feeling. That has become a very normal feeling for me in the mission field. Lunchtime power naps have saved my life out here in the mission field.

As for our week, Elder F and I had a good week. Sometimes I feel like a broken record in these emails because our life doesn't change too much from week to week. Overall I feel really good here. I have felt and enjoyed alot of insights and peace this week. The work is progressing well. 

A is doing wonderfully! I love teaching him and his family. They were captivated by the bible videos we shared with them this week. I LOVE teaching people about the life and ministry of the Savior. I also love to learn more about it and ponder it myself. He is progressing well. We are in the final stages of getting him to stop smoking, and we are starting to plan a wedding for him and his girlfriend.

The twins we are teaching are also progressing well. They are set to get baptized here in a couple weeks.

Our investigator D has been stumping us big time. There are alot of complicated things with D that I don't really know how to explain well. Both Elder F and I and the members that we have brought with us have been having a 'stupor of thought' about it. We aren't really sure how to help her. That has brought us to our knees alot to seek help from the Lord.

We had zone conference this week, which was awesome. I love being taught and instructed by our leaders. I always come away with many goals and plans of how to be a better and more effective missionary. The spirit was strong. I talked to President Killpack while we were there about being able to extend for two weeks and go home when Tanner heads home. He said that can be arranged easily. He couldn't say 100% for sure, because he won't be the mission president in October, but he said he is 99.9% sure that it will work fine. He joked that if they could keep me another year they would, I told him I would love that, but that my mom probably wouldn't haha. 

We have big goals this week to find some progressing investigators to teach, we have been blessed with many opportunities to serve others here. I am grateful for that, and I feel the Lord has even more just waiting for us.

On Saturday Heidi was in my thoughts and prayers alot. In her honor Elder F and I went on a long run for our morning workout. I always feel close to her as we do that. I can hardly believe it has been a year already. She is such a special girl. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. What a treasure it is in our lives to have knowledge about that plan.

I was reminded this week about something that you always told us Mom. You always said that God gave us a time to sleep and rest so that we could start over and begin a new day free of mistakes. That is so true. And the atonement and repentance help us do that over and over again. One of the most important words in the english language is the word remember. We forget so easily. Every single aspect of the gospel, (the sacrament, the temple, the scriptures, prayer...) is to help us remember. So we MUST go to church and we MUST go to the temple, and we MUST read the words of the prophets, and we MUST pray. That is because we MUST remember. Many times we are remembering things that we learned in our life before this life. I hope that you and I can always remember and never forget the Savior. He never forgets us.

I love you all so much. My heart is full today as I think about each of you and how much I love you. Never give up doing what you know is right.

all my love

Elder Hughes

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