Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Tuesday from...............….. | week 74

Benson, Arizona!!!!

Hey there family! I am coming to you from a new location! I am here in Benson Arizona, a little town between Tucson and New Mexico! We got the transfer calls in, and I had to leave my precious "ramita" in Deming. I am sad to leave Deming, because I loved it there so much, but I am excited for a new opportunity to learn grow and serve. That is how almost all change really comes out to be in our lives. As missionaries it happens pretty often, and I never really get fully used to it haha. I am in an english ward here. My year long streak of serving in a spanish branch is coming to a close. I am really excited though, and hope to help the work of the Lord continue forward here as well. From what I have heard of the ward, it is doing really well, and there have been lots of success here for the missionaries. My new companion is Elder F, he is from Mesa AZ, and he is awesome! We have been on exchanges before, and we have always gotten along really well. So it should be awesome.

THANK YOU for the package!!! It was perfect. I love everything that you put in. They were very much needed, thank you. I love the book you put in. You know how I am with reading. I have already read half of it, and I feel like you were inspired to buy it for me because it has already helped me alot. Thank you!

What an exciting week for you guys! Z man got some braces. I remember those days like they were yesterday. The good ol' rubber bands haha. Tell Zach if he wears them he will thank himself later, it pays off :) Riley going to prom, how exciting. All of those days also seem like yesterday. Mom and Dad, thank you for your loving support always. I always love to hear your words dad. I love you more than I can say. You are my hero, and I trust you so so so much. Mom sounds like she is preparing for the storm haha. Please Dad make sure she eats, sleeps, and takes a moment to rest. Maybe sneak in a little bit of scriptures in there too. Don't forget those. 10 minutes a day will save your life :)

As for the week. It was a CRAZY week. I can honestly say that it was THE number one fastest week of my mission. It flew by. I am having a hard time remembering all that has happened. One of the days I went on exchanges in Duncan. It was a blast to go back to my 'home' area. It was great to teach people there again. I taught some of the same people I taught there a year ago, small towns don't change much. The missionaries there have been baptizing a TON. It was great to spend time with some of my favorite members and investigators there. Going back there as a missionary a year later helped me realize how much I have changed as a missionary and a person in this last year. I have sure learned a whole lot. Sometimes the hard way haha.

We also went down to Tucson this week for Mission Leadership Conference. It was awesome as always. The spirit was strong, and I learned alot. President Killpack gave an amazing training on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. What a miracle that atonement is. It is the miracle of all miracles. We are like little children in our understanding of it. He can help us and succor us in whatever we face, if we allow him. If we live his gospel. That 'if' should spur us all to action.

Our investigators in Deming are doing great. I feel that we have been guided by the Lord to find them. I love each of them, and feel that they will continue to progress. I am so grateful for the chance I had to serve in Deming. Every area I always come away a different missionary than when I entered. And Deming was no exception for me. I spent yesterday going around to say goodbye to some of the people I have come to love so very much. I will talk about them more in the pictures, I love the members and recent converts there so much. 

So it is onward to a new adventure! I just arrived here in Benson 20 minutes ago, so I don't know much about it yet. It will be great. The Lord always helps me to do what he needs me to do. I have felt that. It should be a whole new experience here. I have heard that we live in a fifth wheel trailer, so that should be fun haha.

I love you all so much. Never forget it!!! Have an awesome week!

 con mucho amor,

Elder Hughes

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