Monday, March 10, 2014

first week in Benson | week 75

Hello there familia!

As usual it sounds like all is well on the homefront. That is always so good to hear. I love to hear how well all of you are doing. It makes me so happy. The Lord has been so good to our family. I hope we all remember that. I have witnessed alot of really sad families here as a missionary and it makes me so grateful for all that each of you have given to me. Riley I think you would love Utah State. Some of my companions have gone there and they all really like it. I 100% agree about Dad. He is the best dad in the world.

As for the new area here in Benson, I really like it!! The ward here is really awesome. They treat Elder F and I like we are members of their own families. I am still getting to know people. It was really weird to be at church yesterday with so many people. I have gotten used to being in branches where we talk to everyone at church, because there is only 30 or 40 haha. I felt like there was so many people :) The field is white already to harvest here. There are lots and lots of reactivation work, lots of part member families etc. We have our work cut out for us.

Yes we do live in a 5th wheel trailer. I actually really like it. It is super small, REALLY small, but really nice. It has everything we need. It is out back behind a members house, and we are literally just part of their family. We even helped them do their family garden project on Sat. morning. They are the Garner's and they are really awesome.

On a more mundane note. We have a gym here that lets us in for free, and so we have been really good this week about working out, which is really good, because I NEED IT.

There is lots of things going on in the work here. We are teaching an awesome lady named D. She is one heck of an old lady. She has lost a large portion of her brain to cancer, and other things. She has had an insane life, and now she has found the gospel. She has gone through a complete change and conversion as she has been being taught. The first time they met with her she got really angry and they almost dropped her, but since then a huge miracle has taken place. We felt the spirit alot this week as we have taught her and prepared her for her baptism. She was scheduled to get baptized this coming week, but some word of wisdom problems came up last minute, but she will get there. She is hilarious  and kind of stubborn, but the Lord has softened her heart so much.

We are also teaching this guy named A, who's wife was an inactive member, and now he is preparing to get baptized. He is doing awesome. We are helping him quit smoking, but he is doing great. He came to church for the first time ever on Sunday and loved it. I loved it too!!! He has a pure heart, and I really feel he is going to progress really well. I am always grateful for the love the savior has for each of these people. I believe that he gives us just a taste of that love when we serve them, and minister to them.

We are teaching lots of other inactive members. There are TONS here in Benson. One of my favorites is this lady named M from Alabama. She cracks me up, and she came to church on Sunday too!!

One miracle from the week. We were walking down a road on our way to visit in an apartment complex, and I had the really distinct feeling to knock on a specific house. I don't get those feelings all the time, but this one was strong. We knocked it, and sure enough, it was an inactive family that we were able to have a really good visit with. I don't know all the reasons of why we needed to be there that day, but I know the Lord wanted it.

It is life as normal here in the mission field. Kind of like your life as normal at home. I LOVE being a missionary so much. I am starting to feel the pressure to accomplish all that the Lord needs me to do while there is still time. Time always seems to be slipping from our fingers, so we must make the best of it.

Here are some inspired words from President Killpack:

I have been recently reminded of two scenarios in life in which we can wisely use our agency. One is when we can control the outcome of a situation by the correct use of our agency. When we make the right decision, we are blessed for doing so. When we make the wrong choice, we suffer consequences accordingly.I have also found that it is easier to make the big important, life-changing choices when we consistently make the small choices correctly. The other scenario is to use our agency by wisely reacting to circumstances over which we have no control. Sometimes we are left to deal with situations of which we had no control, but need to learn to use our agency to react to the situation in a positive way.  

I have learned alot about the power of our agency, and power to act and choose as a missionary. So many people let their 'circumstances' take control of their lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about taking initiative, and using the atonement to become something so much greater than we could be on our own. I have learned that lesson the hard way and the easy way out here. It is reflected in every single life of all that are around us. I love our mission's motto 'choose to become.' becoming is a choice, and only we can make it. 

I love you all so very much. I cannot even begin to describe it. I pray for each of you. Every day. Have an awesome week!!!!

until next monday,

Elder Hughes

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