Sunday, June 2, 2013

week 32 | hello fam

Hey Family!

I am coming to ya a bit late this week. The last two days have been some of the busiest of my life so we didn't have any time to email at all. So you are getting an email today ;)

You have no idea how wonderful it was to talk to you and see you on Sunday. I couldn't stop smiling for about 4 hours afterward. I love you guys so much. I am SOOOOO glad that I got to talk to Tanner too and that we got to have family prayer all together. The spirit touched me. I described to my companion how talking to my family makes me feel. Some missionaries get really trunky when they talk to their families. Not for me, it really helps me. I said that "When you go a long time without talking to them, it is like getting progressively more thirsty. Almost all the time you forget about it because you are working so hard, but you get progressively more thirsty. Then when I get to talk to you all it is like drinking 4 gallons of water at once. I am not thirsty anymore. Then by next Christmas I will be really thirsty again."

ANYWAY. It was awesome. I love you guys so much. 

I got pulled over for the second time in my life yesterday haha. Thank goodness the cop was feeling merciful that day. :)

As for things that have happened here since then. I got called as District leader on Sunday night. I gave my first training today, which I was really nervous about, but it went pretty well... I think haha. We got transfer calls, Elder W headed out to The Gila Valley and Elder G and I are staying here. We spent alot of Monday getting Elder W ready to go, but we also had some amazing teaching experiences. We are teaching this guy named R. He is awesome. We had some lessons with him and we talked alot about the Book of Mormon. Then on Monday we went back and taught him again. He had read from the beggining of the Book of Mormon to Omni in 3 days!!!! I was blown away. I have never had an investigator read that much of the Book of Mormon. He told us that the reason that he wanted to read it was because he felt something powerful when we each bore our testimonies of it. It was AWESOME. That is why we always bear our testimonies.

Some sad news. Our ward mission leader's son died in a car accident this week. It was horrible. We love our ward mission leader here so much. We are trying to do all we can to help their family.

I am doing great here in Nogales. I love our district and I am SO pumped for what this next transfer has in store for us. Elder George is a pre-trained greenie, he is great. We are preparing to explode the work here in Nogales. I am so excited. I hope that you are all doing great. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

I love you all!

Elder Hughes

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