Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week Three | from the EM TEE SEE

Hola Familia!!!
Thank you for your letters and dear elders! I loved them! It seriously cannot be expressed how much I love getting mail :) I am doing great! Life in the MTC is slipping into a blur of routine, but it is great! Yes, you heard the news right, Elder R and I got called as zone leaders, we were both in pretty much complete shock. We were not expecting it at all. It is alot of responsibility, but it will be great. We get to train all the missionaries that arrived in our zone tonight. Life here is going good. Spanish is coming along, it gets better every day. The biggest challenge isn't learning it, because I can learn everything pretty fine, the challenge is being able to actually speak it when you are in a lesson haha. We teach investigators in spanish every single day, and our lessons are getting better and better every time so that is good. I LOVE our teachers, they are both amazing and hilarious. Which we all need when we study for 10 hrs a day :) The spirit here is so strong. I feel it literally every single day. It is such an exciting time to be on a mission. The world is going to get alot more missionaries in the coming years, and it is exciting to be part of it. Saying bye to tanner on tuesday was really hard... probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I am going to miss him so much. I felt like I was saying goodbye to part of myself. I had a hard time that night, but I know that the Lord answers prayers. The spirit comforted me. I know that it is all part of the Lord's plan. I LOVE being a missionary, I feel that every day. It is hard sometimes, and it demands alot of patience and discipline, but it also is SO JOYFUL! There is nothing else I would rather be doing. We lost 5 people in our district to the guatemala mtc at the same time as tanner, which has been weird. We went from 11 in our class to 6. The brightside, we have alot more legroom, I was crammed in the corner so I am happy to have some more space haha.
As for your questions. I am so mentally exhausted every night that I literally fall asleep within  2 minutes of my head hitting the pillow so no problem there haha. The food is okay... it wrecks havoc on all of our stomachs haha, but we are thankful for it. As for things I need/want... not any candy we have a TON of it. ummmmmmmmmmm you know me, I can never think of things I want. I would say mints, but I got in trouble for eating them in the classroom haha. I am so bad at thinking of things I want.
Dad I am so glad you are feeling better. OHHH YEEAAHH for the giants! Thank you Riley and Zach for your letters they made my whole day. Yes, I got a bunch of Tanner's dear elders after he left for Guatemala, so you will all have to write him again. Thank you Grandpa Val and Grandma Tanya for your letter, I couldn't stop laughing. I am glad your golf game is being blessed grandpa haha.
Probably one of my favorite parts of being here is the devotionals. They are awesome! I look forward to them every week.
I love you guys so much. Remember to read the Book of Mormon, it is literally the best book in the whole world. It makes me better every single time I read it. Power is given to us when we follow it's teachings. If you ever want a glimpse of what we learn about ALL day and what makes us so happy as missionaries, read preach my gosplel. (Best manual ever made by the church)
I love you all so much, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your prayers!
Elder Hughes

** a note from mom . . . these will be the last pictures they take with each other for two years! they are extra special to us this week!

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  1. Love these boys! They will do great on different continents and be sooo glad to be back together in two years. The time will fly! ( for them )