Monday, October 6, 2014

WEEK 105!! | week 105

Hello there family!!!!

It is great to get your letter this week! I am so glad you were able to hear the words of the prophets and apostles this weekend. I loved every moment of it as well. I really didn't want it to end. I with you am excited to be with you again and give each of you a big hug! I am also holding on tightly to every single day I have left. I love what we get to do as missionaries. It is the single most joyful work I have ever been a part of. I will miss it dearly, but I also miss all of you!!!
It was a very very busy and crazy week. I feel like a broken record, because all of the recent weeks have been that way. This one was especially so. We had a busy day on Monday teaching as many investigators as we could and preparing for transfer day on tuesday. Then one tue at 4 am we headed down to Tucson for the transfer meeting. My new companion headed back up to Thatcher and I stayed with the departing missionaries so that I could go on the final temple trip that they do for the missionaries that are going home. It was a wonderful day, It was great to be with my MTC friends, and to be able to get to know President and Sister Passey even better. We drove out of our mission and attended the Gilbert temple. I HAVE TO BRING YOU BACK TO THAT TEMPLE. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and gigantic. It was wonderful. I received alot of personal insight and revelation. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity I have been given to be a missionary. It has truly been such a privilege. We returned to the mission home and all enjoyed a meal together. We all laughed alot as we recounted our stories and experiences. We had a wonderful testimony meeting that was so powerful. I am always strengthened by the testimonies of others and of my fellow missionaries. The Passey's are wonderful. I wish you could meet them.
Some things never change. I still forget things everywhere. I left my wallet on accident in the temple :( So a senior couple grabbed it for me this week when they went up there to attend the temple.

In the morning, the missionaries all headed off to the airport and I stayed with the Passeys and began my 'two week bonus round' as I have been calling it. You might be grumpy about the two weeks mom, but I have been so happy about it. There is still some things for me to wrap up here :) President Passey had some things to do out in the Gila Valley, so he drove me back out on wed. It was great to be able to spend 2 hours with him. I have learned so much from him. He is a wonderful man of God.
On Friday, we returned back to Tucson for my last MLC. It was a wonderful meeting, and we were taught well. Our mission is growing in strength and unity.

We have seen some wonderful miracles this week.
We received a referral this week, with some really vague directions of how to get to his apartment. We weren't sure if we were in the right spot, but we decided to just knock some doors until we found it. The first door we knocked on was of a guy named J. He was awesome. He let us inside right away and we shared our message with him. We mentioned that we have modern day prophets in our church. He immediately asked "When can I hear the words of this prophet?!" We were then able to tell him "on Saturday!." What an awesome thing! He and his mom did come to conference this weekend, and we are going to continue to teach him this week.

We also started teaching a guy named B. He has recently been through some really rough patches of life, and his heart is so prepared and humble. I don't think I have ever taught someone on my mission who's heart is as prepared ad B. He has been very emotional, and we have had some powerful lessons with him. Teaching the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ to someone like B is indescribable. He came to conference this weekend, and loved every minute of it.
S is on track to get baptized this weekend! I am so excited for her! She has faced opposition and struggles, but she has overcome them all! I love sharing the gospel.
I am enjoying every day I have left! My prayers and thoughts are with each of you. I love you all so much. I could never say thank you enough for your support and love you have given to me throughout my whole life.
I love you

Elder Hughes

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