Monday, September 29, 2014

HELLOOOOOO family! | week 104

It is good to hear from you! That is awesome that Tyler is coming home this week! It will be fun to catch up with him. We have had another exciting week, and we have another crazy one up ahead!
Transfer calls came in! We will be in a trio for the remainder of my time. The assistants kindly informed me that on the 16th of October I will be transferred to Rocklin, CA and they haven't found my companion yet (Sister Hughes) but that I will have to find her :) (and no it's not you mom)

We have been blessed this week, we had many many opportunities to teach and testify. I am so grateful for those opportunities. Each and every one.
A got baptized this week! YAY! It was a wonderful baptism. The spirit was strong, and I felt blessed to be able to participate in some small way in his path to the Savior. I can tell you it is the most rewarding and most joyful kind of work that there is. I love this work! Saturday was full of rejoicing. The talks were given in spanish and french, which was fun. Lots of YSA's came to support him. He will do well in the restored gospel. I will send pictures :)

I had a great birthday! We had a baptism that day so what could be better than that? Only being with you guys! It was a good day. Elder G and I got some breakfast to celebrate in the morning, and then Shannon and her friends made us the most awesome Book of Mormon cake. They are so cool! I did get your delivery! We had to move apartments this week, and it took us many hours of deep cleaning and moving on Friday and Saturday, so it was a really nice break from our cleaning to enjoy the cupcakes. Thank you so much! I love you guys!
Funny story from the week (which involves me injuring my self of course). We had a YSA activity on friday and they had all sorts of races and games. There was a piggy back race, and as I was running with Elder G on my back, I went to fast, and had to much momentum and we biffed it really badly. I wish it was on camera. I ripped my pants pretty good and scraped my self up and bruised my finger haha. 

We have been busy teaching lots of wonderful people. S is progressing well, and so is M! S is set to get baptized on the last weekend of my mission, and M is going to be baptized on the 25th of October. She is going up to Salt Lake to see conference this weekend, which is a great place to send an investigator!
I am SOOOOOOO excited for general conference this week. I hope that each of you take the time to sit down and hear the words of living prophets seers and revelators. There is truly NOTHING more important that we could be doing than that. I am so grateful for the guidance and direction we receive from our leaders!
Tomorrow I am going into Tucson to go on the departing missionary temple trip. It should be wonderful. I believe we are going to the Gilbert temple. I will then spend the night there and President and I are going to drive back on Wed. to the Gila Valley. My fellow district mates from the MTC are all going home on wed.
I am grateful for every day I have been given to serve the Lord, and I am grateful for you and your support of me. I love you so much!
I know that the Savior lives, and that his gospel blesses our lives! I am so glad to be sharing it!

Until next week,

Elder Hughes

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