Monday, February 17, 2014

May Weather in February!!! Welcome to the ATM! | week 72

Hello there family!!!

It is wonderful to hear from you. It sounds like all is well in Rock town!

Thank you for all the pictures and information about Heidi's memorial run! I had no idea that was going on! I cannot even begin to express my thanks for running in my behalf. I wish with all my heart that I could have been there with so many people I love honoring someone I love so much. You made me cry in your letter, congratulations haha. It is a different kind of memorial for me, I hope that I can honor Heidi by pressing forward in the Lord's work. I love each of you, and I love so much the friends and family that I know where all there at the race. Give each of them my love. What a wonderful way to remember her. I have cherished memories growing up with that awesome girl. I love the picture that you wore. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I am so grateful that you ran for me, I wish I could have been there, but I am so happy to be a missionary and honoring her in this way.

That's exciting about your callings!!! I am sure you will love to be back in young men's dad. Mom is in the charge of the bulletin!!!! Awesome! Seriously it is though, we need someone to make a program for us here in our branch haha. One thing I have learned alot about here in the mission is how important every single act of service we do is. Also remember that there are so many ways to get involved and get creative in serving others. Sometimes the normal callings leave us the most time to search for new and unexpected ways to serve others.

As for our week here in good ol Deming! It was a really good one. I felt like we finally made some real progress in the work here. First of all, there has been AMAZING weather. Sunny and 75-80 every single day. SO GOOD. We have been biking and walking alot, which has been great. Good weather always makes me happy :) Some highlights of the week:

We found an AWESOME new investigator named C this week. She has been so prepared to hear the gospel. We just 'happened' to be passing by their house and we contacted her. It turns out she has been searching for a church, and had some contact with the church many years ago. She has been super open and excited to learn more, which makes us really happy. We have struggled so much here to find progressing investigators, so we are excited for the future. She has a baptismal date, and we are excited to see where it goes.

The S family that the Sisters and us have been teaching are getting baptized this saturday!!! We are really excited. They have investigated the church for over a year, so it is a long time coming!! I have loved teaching them, they are really special.

We had interviews with President this week. It was great. I always come away from them feeling encouraged and inspired. He is really happy with our zone. Our zone is doing better now than it has ever done since he got here almost 3 yrs ago, so he is a happy man. I am so proud of the missionaries in our zone. We have 8 baptisms this coming sat. in the zone!

One change that is exciting is that our area is getting bigger this week. The sisters had previously been the ones going down to columbus the tiny little border town. Now we are going to be going down there, it changed for a bunch of reasons, but we are excited to start working down there. It is a crazy little border town, where Pancho Villa has a bunch of history.

This week I had to translate for the high council speakers in Sacrament meeting, which was my first time translating in public. It went well. I was really nervous, but the spirit thankfully helps us missionaries out alot.

As usual the week was full of many opportunities to serve, teach, and testify to the many people that we come in contact with. We taught alot of inactive members this week, and many are still returning. The Rescue is something that is vitally important. Just as important as baptizing. I have come to love the challenge and spirit filled experiences of teaching those who have stayed away. One miracle I saw this week was when we went on splits with the members, and I went with our amazing branch president to visit some families. We had no luck finding anyone home until we came to our last house of the night. Her name was H. We had a wonderful visit with her, and we invited her back to church. She was amazed that whenever she is having a really hard time, and doubting what she should do, someone from the church always shows up. It's funny how that works. I appreciate every opportunity that I am given to be a part of that miracle of a process. We gave her a blessing, and went on our way. 

I have a deep deep love for our spanish branch here. This branch has truly captured my heart. I love being a part of this little part of the Lord's vineyard. I am so glad that the Lord has guided me here.

Thank you for your support, love and prayers. I feel them and appreciate them. I finished the Book of Mormon this week. What a wonderful book it is. I love it. Keep reading it! The spirit always witnesses to me of it's truthfulness.

I am so grateful for all I have been blessed with. Today I contemplated in the shower (where lots of deep thinking happens) for a while how exceedingly blessed I have been. I sometimes can't believe it. I am so grateful to my father in heaven for all he has given me. Don't forget to take a moment in life to remember what you are grateful for. One of my biggest blessings is each of you. I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!


Elder Hughes

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