Monday, February 3, 2014

Chicken Murders and more mexican food :) | week 70

Hola Familia!!!

Lots of big news from the homefront! I am sure the changes are big to the ward, I can't wait to hear more about everything that is happening. I will always have a very special love for both of those wards. As for the superbowl, we were pretty sure that the bronco's lost when our rowdy neighbors who are mega bronco's fans looked pretty depressed last night.

It sounds like you are all doing well. Riley and Z man it is great to hear from you guys! I can't wait to see you too in a couple short months. The time is flying by. 

As for our week here in Deming, it was another good one. I feel like sometimes I must sound like a broken record. Things are going really well here. We are slowly but surely seeing the first fruits of our labors here. Many times it takes time for those to come forth. We had alot of dropped appointments this week with the families we are teaching, but we are continuing forward in teaching them. We found another new family to teach that I am really excited about. Sometimes I just get a really good feeling about someone when we start teaching them. Her name is M and we are going back to see her and her family today.

Some highlights from the week:

I had my first experience ever in Chicken slaughtering this week. It was bloody, and fun. Our ward mission leader Brother Q needed to get rid of some roosters, so the sisters and us went over and had a slaughter house morning. The way mexicans kill chickens is by grabbing them by the neck and whipping them around until their head flies off. Then you have to run and catch the body that keeps running around. We got a good lesson in how to skin, gut, and prepare them. It was fun, Hno Q says that we need to learn one day so we can be prepared for the second coming haha.

We went down to leadership conference on Friday. It was great. I have lots of dear friends who serve with me in these positions and it is always so fun to be with them. I learned ALOT. That is always a sure bet that we are never done learning. President Killpack trained us on how to become master teachers. Teaching is so important, and I still have a long way to go in being a better teacher. I loved it and learned so much. Now we get to take it back to our zone's and train them. I found out one of the other missionaries there is a twin too! We had a conversation that only twins on missions can fully understand. It was awesome.

Like the other Elder Hughes, I too have seen the Lord's hand in my life so often as a missionary. Leading us to those that need help. I am so grateful for that. There really is nothing better. We met a lady named S this week. I really feel like we were led to her. She is struggling immensely. We happened to knock on her door a couple hours after her daughter was life flighted to the hospital in El Paso. We were able to pray with her, and began to teach her. As is usual, it was her faith that inspired me. We left her house feeling uplifted ourselves by her amazing faith.

We passed off M and R to the english elders this week. In that lesson we taught the Plan of Salvation. It went so well. The spirit was strong. M blew me away. She said, "I have truly felt like something has been missing in my life. I have never been able to pin point it. I have worried about it, and tried many different things, but I just cannot figure out what it has been. I feel like you missionaries finding us has been the start of that missing part of my life being found." How amazing is that!!! It really shouldn't surprise me, but it still always does about how the Lord lines everything up.

Lastly the S family who all 4 of us missionaries here have been teaching is doing wonderful. We just had a lesson with them last night, and it was amazing. They are so ready. It has been a long road for them, they have been investigating for more than a year! But on the 22nd they are getting baptized! We are all really excited.

I, like Tanner said, feel like I am in the prime of my mission as well. The Lord has blessed me so much. I stand in awe sometimes. Last night we taught mission prep for the youth here in Deming, and we talked about some of the things that I have learned so far as a mission. The full version of that questions is very long, but one thing that I have reflected alot about this week is about diligence, patience, obedience, and hope. I haven't seen hundreds of people flock to the font on my mission, but I have seen miracles. I have seen the Lord's hand guiding my life and mission. I have felt the enormous blessings that come from patience, diligence, obedience, and hope. The goal of my whole mission has been that when I walk onto the plane to go home at the end of my time here that I will be able to say honestly that I gave it my very best. 

In so many ways that is what our entire lives are. That is what we need to be able to say on our return home to our heavenly father. So it applies to all of us. Thankfully we have a perfect example, we have a Savior. That knowledge has changed my life.

Have a wonderful week! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all so much!


Elder Hughes

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