Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am still here in Deming! Yay! | week 68

Hello my dearest family and friends!
I made it through another round of transfer calls :) I am really glad I am staying here for another transfer. I really haven't felt that I have yet accomplished here what the Lord needs me to do. Pretty much every time I have been transferred I have really felt like it was time, and I haven't felt that yet. Elder W my good friend who is an AP gave me a mini heart attack by faking a transfer call to me. I was quite stressed haha. But it was all a joke. Thankfully!
I want to start by saying how touched I was by the letter of your friend. The Lord works in small and simple ways to accomplish his purposes. What a miracle it all truly is. Thank you for telling me about that. Nothing makes me happier in life than being used in some small way to accomplish what the Lord needs.
It sounds like you all are doing great! I love to hear your words of how you are all doing. I am so excited for you both to go to New York! One of my favorite places in the world! You both deserve an awesome adventure. Go see a broadway show for me! I love to hear you talk about how good you are feeling right now spiritually. I feel good too. Sometimes the mission life is crazy with so many different emotions and feelings, that sometimes it is hard to get a bearing on myself haha. But I really feel good as well.
It has been another week full of experiences, miracles, tender mercies, disapointments, sadness, joy, and every thing else you could imagine. Sometimes I am in awe at how crazy our life can be at times.
A quick rundown of the week.
On monday we had P day, and played capture the flag at a place called "city of rocks" that is out here in the middle of the desert. It was pretty awesome. (Deming district won by the way) It was really fun. I love our zone out here in desolation as we lovingly call it. Or "demnation" haha.
On tuesday we were really busy with the funeral for Hermana R. It all went well. The spirit was strong, and it was a beautiful funeral. She was a wonderful woman, and her family was all so blessed by her life. I actually found myself thinking alot about Heidi. I love and miss her. I still find time to remember her.
Wednesday we had zone meeting and Elder P and I had the chance to train our zone. It went really well. I love the chances that we have to learn from each other out here in the mission field. After that we headed to Duncan to give a baptismal interview to a lady named E. First of all, I still love every time I get to go back to see Duncan. That little farm town still has my heart. E is actually someone I met when I was there. She wasn't interested in learning a year ago, but now a true miracle has taken place in her life. I have never been in an interview as powerful as the one we had. The spirit was so incredibly strong. I have learned a trend when it comes to the spirit and how it works. It truly has everything to do about faith. I feel the spirit the strongest when I or the person I am listening to have greater or stronger faith. E has some pretty amazing faith, because it was amazing hear her testimony. I was moved by it. We laughed and cryed and shared testimonies. Baptismal interviews are like a 30 minute conversion story. I love to give them. I hope to have faith like E's one day. We had a little bit of extra time so we got to stop by my good friend K's house. It was awesome. She is doing wonderfully well. The only problem is that there just wasn't enough time haha. I am so grateful for true friends.
The days from then on kind of blur together haha. Our zone had 4 baptisms this weekend so we got to go to lots of those (which is pretty much my favorite thing to do). Meanwhile Elder P and I worked our butts off to try and find solid, progressing investigators. It has been a challenge for us. For many days this week it has been an uphill battle. We had more moments this week where our faith was truly tested. We have been praying so hard for the Lord to lead us to those who are prepared. We went quite a few days with little luck, and a lot of prayers. Then yesterday actually we decided to go knock some more doors, and we found some amazing prepared people to teach. I am so grateful for a heavenly father who answers prayers. We are really excited to start teaching them this week.
One family we started to teach are really cool, they have lots of questions. The wife is actually a photographer! I told her about you mom, and she looked you up and was very impressed. If you find anyone named Michelle who may have friended you, that is her.
I have been thinking alot about each of you this week. I have learned over and over here about how important our families are. They must be strong in the world that we live in. I am so incredibly grateful for our family. Mom and Dad you are both my heroes. I love you so much. What you have done for me cannot be expressed. You have taught me how to have my own strong family one day. I have witnessed so many examples of destroyed, unhappy, painful families out here as a missionary. Satan is raging in the family right now in the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ must be at the center of our hearts and families. I love the words of the prophet and apostles "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities." Thank you for teaching me all of these. I love you so much for that!
I love you all, have an amazing week! Happy anniversary mom and dad!! I love you. Riley, Happy 17th! Holy COW! How did you get so old. I remember my 17th birthday like it was yesterday. Enjoy every moment! I can't wait to be with you so we can truly celebrate.
I love you all
Elder Hughes

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