Sunday, May 12, 2013

HOLAAAAAAAA!!!!! | week 30

Hola Familia!!!

Feliz Lunes! It sounds like you guys are all doing great. Lots of crazy news from the homefront. LOTS OF MARRIAGE!!! Holy cow. That is exciting for everyone that is tying the knot. Mcall and Dyhre. That is awesome haha. What an amazing experience for Sheldon. Missions are literally that important. I know that. They effect eternity for those we teach and for ourselves. Thank you mom for giving him a big hug for me. RILOOOOO you little stud. Got yourself a lady friend. I remember the days of sunsplash training well. It seems like yesterday. I cannot believe how time has flown.

For your questions. Our church building is pretty normal size. Pretty much what you think of when you think of a church building. There is a ward and a spanish branch here. The branch is actually way bigger than the ward... which is weird. I think they have to have more melchezidek priesthood holders to make the branch into a ward. They are pretty close I believe.

As for our week this week. The Lord is blessing us immensely here in Nogales. We found 5 new investigators this week, which is awesome. I don't think I found 5 news in a whole transfer in Duncan and we found 4 in one day here. It is so exciting. We found one lady named M (not to be confused with the many maria's we are teaching haha) She is a former investigator of the church and I am really really excited about her. She is very open to the gospel message. We had a goal of 4 new investigators this week. On Sun morning we had only found one new investigator. We decided on Sunday morning that we would do all we could to meet our goal. So we needed to find 3 investigators in one day. Elder W hates tracting, I actually really like it. I have been trying this whole transfer to prove to him that it is not a bad way to find. Then on Sunday we were desperate to find news. We tracted one street and found two new investigators that we are gonna teach this week. It was awesome. Then later on in the night we stopped and talked to this old couple sitting in front of their trailer. They are wonderful people. So nice. We ended up teaching them and making them new investigators as well. The Lord truly has blessed us.

My testimony of prayer was strengthened this week so much. earlier on in the week I had a really hard day. Somedays are just tough as a missionary. Thankfully I have had very few really hard days. But Tue was a tough day for me. I have learned how to REALLY pray as a missionary. Sometimes we get so casual and robotic in our prayers. Then there are times when we really pray and are really talking to our heavenly father. I know that when we pray for help. The Lord brings it to us. He has done that for me over and over again.

We had interviews with President this week. It was awesome as always. President Killpack has a way of helping me so much as a missionary, and inspiring me to keep pressing on in the work with drive and enthusiasm. He truly understands missionary work.

I had a first this week. I helped build an adobe hut. It was super fun. A member needed help with it. We got really muddy. I have pictures to send you. 

Spanish is progressing well. I am learning so much. Every day I get better. Most of the time I can express myself and understand people. But sometimes we talk to certain people who speak weird, and it is so strange. I feel like I don't know spanish at all. Really weird feeling. I love having church in spanish. Everything is funnier in spanish. Another phenomenon I have not figured out haha.

Ig.... this kid.... We had one of those times as a missionary where your investigator drops off the face of the earth. We could not find him or contact him this week no matter how hard we tried. We are going to have to move his date again to the 11 of May. I really feel like he will be baptized. We are working hard to find him this week. I love this kid so much.

I have had the prompting many times this week that the Lord has blessed us so much here with new investigators, so we now have to rise higher as missionaries to help this people progress. That is the challenge. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Getting people to come to church here feels like pulling teeth (no pun intended bro Pettey)  I can't believe it sometimes that the Lord trusts us. Sometimes I want to ask him "do you know who you are trusting?" BUT I know that with his help we can continue to see miracles here (in the form of baptisms). With him we can do all things. That is the goal this week. I am excited to keep giving it my all. 

I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon. Every single person we have found this week, we found by sharing that amazing book. We could not do this work without it. I know that it is true. Every single word. I have recieved that witness over and over again. When we read it every day, the powers of heaven are with us. It is a miracle. The whole book is a miracle. I love the Book of Mormon. I encourage all who read this letter to pick it up and read it every day, even if you only have time for one verse. It is the word of God, and it is true.

I love you all. We have an invite to use a family's ipads to skype you guys in two weeks! I cannot wait. I love you all so much. I feel your love and prayers.


Elder Hughes
 sunset on our street
 building an adobe hut
 at the border

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